You have to grab these opponents to get to the end.

In the first half of the game, many bosses give you the option to fight them.

In the first half of the game, many bosses give you the option to fight them.

The question of which bosses you have to defeat in Elden Ring to get to the end is not that easy to answer. In the first half of the game you have many options and different routes. Starting in the second half of the game there are a lot of clear mandatory bosses. We’ll break it all down for you.

Daftar Isi

First half: get to Leyndell

To enter the majestic city of Leyndell, west of the Altus Plateau, all you have to do is defeat two of the Greater Rune bosses and certain Gatekeeper bosses. However, you have the option of choosing what they are. You have to meet these requirements to reach the capital:

Requirement 1: You need two Elder Runes

You get big runes when you kill big area bosses Limgrave, Liurnia, Fallen Y gelmir defeated. So, in theory, you only have to face two of the four bosses (plus the guardian). However, we recommend that you defeat all of these area bosses for the in-game experience and runes. Here is the overview:

  • 1. Margit (Ligrave): The boss on the bridge that leads to Stormshroud Castle all you have to do is defeat Godrick for his Great Rune. Here is our guide for the fight
  • 2. Godrick (Ligrave): Godrick is the great chief of Limgrave, who takes you to Stormshroud Castle expected. It is an option to obtain a Major Rune. We have a guide for you.
  • 3. Red Wolf Radagon (Liurnia): In this monster you have to in the Raya Lucaria Academy Stop by if you want to go to Rennala.
  • 4. Rennala (Liurnia): She is the final boss of Liurnia in the Raya Lucaria Academy and has a Major Rune.
  • 5. Lion-like Demon and Knight of the Crucible (Caelid): This Boss Duo You Might Have To red mane castle defeat if you want to go to Radahn, but be careful, only if you march there before going Ranni questline progressed to a certain point. to this fight I have a column written.
  • 6. Radahn (Caelid): You can watch the epic battle with Radahn at red mane castle complete to get a Great Rune. You can even do that without hitting it yourself..
  • 7. Magma Wyvern (Liurnia): To this boss who puts you in cliff ruins expected in the far north of Liurnia, there is a way to get past it. But this is quite difficult to find. Therefore, most players defeat the Wyvern to go to Altus Plateau and reach Gelmir.
  • 8. Rykard (Gelmir): You can also take a Great Rune from Rykard. He is the ruler of house volcano in Gelmir.

Requirement 2: Defeat one of Leyndell’s guardians.

Once again, there are two options here. You will most likely face the Dragon Tree Knight in front of the capital gate. Theoretically you can also from Throne of the Prince of Death travel there after defeating the mob boss there.

Dragon Guardian

Here you will meet the Guardian of the Dragon Tree.

deep root depths

The alternate path leads there.

  • 9. Guardian of the Drago (near Leyndell): This nasty foe, who also brings lightning to the well-known tree guardian moveset, awaits you at the gate of the capital.
  • 10. Fias Heroes (Deep Depths): There is a way to bypass the Dragon Tree Guardian, as you can also sneak into the city through the depths of the Deeproot. But then you have to defeat the mob that Fia goads you on.

Are you looking for another guide? Here is our thematic summary:

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Second half: from Leyndell

Now the path you have to take becomes much more linear and you have to forcefully defeat all the bosses in order to progress in the area or the story.

  • 11. Godfrey (Ghost, Leyndell): You have to face this boss to advance in Leyndell.
  • 12. Morgot (Leyndell): There is also no way around this boss in Leyndell.
  • 13. Fire Giant (Giant Peaks): You must complete this epic boss fight on top of the giants mountain in order to continue in the story.
  • 14. Divine Scalp Duo (Farum Azula in ruins): This double boss will stand in your way at Farum Azula’s Unraveling and you won’t be able to proceed any further without defeating it.
  • 15. Cleric Beast / Maliketh (Decomposing Farum Azula): This boss, which changes a lot in the second phase, is the big boss of the Farum Azula region and you have to defeat him in order to continue the story.
  • 16. Gideon Ofnir (Leyndell, Ashen Capital): Our omniscient teacher, whom we could previously meet at the Table of Mercy, now awaits us as a mandatory boss in the Ashen capital of Leyndell.
  • 17. Godfrey / Hoarah Loux (Leyndell, Ashen Capital): You have already faced Godfrey’s golden ghost. Now you have to fight him again in the flesh, and that’s with the second phase of him, where he becomes Hoarah Loux.
  • 18. Radagon / Eldenbeast (Leyndell, Ashen Capital): Almost there. You’ve reached the final boss of the game, or if you want to put it that way: the final two bosses, because Eldenbeast is designed as the second phase of the fight, but it’s actually a completely different opponent. You did it Congratulations! The time it takes for players to reach this point varies greatly, but usually ranges from 70 to 130 hours.

Aren’t those two missing? In case you miss Mohg and Malenia on this list: They’re both optional bosses. In theory, you can travel to Mohg early with the Varré quest to kill him for one of the two Elder Runes and gain access to Leyndell, but we don’t recommend it.

You only need to defeat Malenia if you want to reverse the effects of Three Finger’s hearing and reach one of the other endings.

Do you intend to complete only the most necessary bosses? Or if you’re done: Did you take on all the bosses or just the mandatory part?