Wallpapers on Android: download and set wallpapers

It can quickly get boring looking at the same wallpaper on your smartphone every day. We show you where to find the best Android wallpapers or offer them for download here, especially the official wallpapers of popular devices.

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wallpaper apps

MIUI 12 Super Earth and Mars

Xiaomi’s coveted MIUI 12 UI Super Earth and Mars live wallpaper has been unlocked for all devices, unofficially of course (source). However, you should already have Android 8.1 or newer.

google backgrounds

Google offers the Wallpapers app on the Play Store. Contains access to many wallpapers used by Google on Pixel smartphones. Whether art, nature or abstract graphics: there is something for everyone. And best of all, the app is free.

hd wallpapers

This free wallpaper app scores particularly well with its good search and filter function. You can sort the approximately 120,000 available background images by theme and color and select your favorites.

You can create an account with this app, but that is not required.

android pit 7fon wallpaper

7Fon is good at searching by color. / © NextPit


Backdrops offers a wide variety of wallpapers from different categories, but that’s not all. Users can upload their own wallpapers and make them available to the community. On the “Wall of the day” there are new images and surprises to admire every day.


With the funds you can share funds yourself. / © NextPit

Wallpaper in 4K resolution

QHD Wallpapers

QHD wallpaper app also goes for high resolution. An editorial team even compiles their recommendations here and presents them to you in the “Editor’s Choice” section.


Full of wallpapers, but with ads in the app. / © NextPit

4K HD Wallpapers

Wallpaper HD 4K app also offers a large selection of images for your home screen or lock screen. You have the option to choose the resolution, as images are available for download in 2160 x 3840, 1440 x 2560, 1080 x 1920, 720 x 1280, 540 x 960, and 480 x 800 pixel sizes. All three apps with 4K wallpapers are available for free.

hd wallpapers 4k

Wallpaper of different resolutions and categories. / © NextPit

live wallpaper

Music Live Wallpaper

Muzei is the Romance spelling of the Russian word MUZEIWhat museum medium. The app brings a new classic painting to your smartphone every day and sets it as your background. To better match user widgets and icons, the image is blurred and slightly darkened. Additional information about the artworks can also be accessed. If the art becomes too overwhelming for you in the long run, you can also set your own photos for daily wallpaper change or expand the live wallpaper with plugins.

muzei wallpaper home screen information

The home screen adorned with Muzei (left), Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

live jellyfish

This live wallpaper turns your smartphone into an aquarium and lets jellyfish glide across your home screen. The user can choose between different themes and adjust the color afterwards. The individual jellyfish can even be pushed. Settings are in English only.

live jellyfish

Live Jellyfish slide jellyfish across your smartphone (left); Configuration options (right). / © SuperJelly Studios

Teragon: Live Storm and Dawn Free Live Wallpaper

Application developer Teragon offers some live wallpapers that take you to a field with trees. Depending on the wallpaper you choose, you can see the picturesque scenery at sunrise, on a stormy night, or with the Northern Lights in the background. Animals run past the trees and flocks of birds fly overhead. Parallax scrolling ensures that the idyll has a deep horizon representation.

teragon live wallpaper

Live Wallpapers / © Screenshots: ANDROIDPIT


Wave is one of the most popular live wallpapers on the market and is particularly impressive due to the extensive customization options. Wave means wave in English, and that is exactly what the app does with your smartphone: it shows different types of waves and wave formations on your smartphone. In the settings you have the possibility to adapt the type, form of movement, effects, position and color combination of the wave to your own wishes. Wave costs 0.99 euros.

wave app

Wave: colored waves in the Android background / © Paper World Creation

Forest Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper brings relaxing trees and forests to your home screen. What’s great is that the wallpaper adjusts the time of day and night, as well as the weather and seasons based on your own location. If you walk through the snow and ice in December, the trees in the background of Android will also glow a cold white. Thanks to the many configuration options in the app, the forest can be tailored to your own preferences. And most importantly, this is one of those free Android wallpapers that we all love.

forest live wallpaper

Relaxing forest landscape as Android wallpaper / © Kaka

space colony

We don’t know what the future will bring. Whether it’s an apocalypse or flying hoverboards, the human outcome is uncertain. With live wallpapers you can bring a futuristic city to your smartphone and slide between cool and menacing skyscrapers. Furthermore, the scenery and lighting of the sci-fi city can be adapted to your own wishes. Android wallpaper works smoothly and doesn’t consume as much battery as other wallpapers. The application costs 1.49 euros.

space colony

Peek into the future with Space Colony. / © maxelus.net

More wallpaper sources

With these sources you have to manually search for the right wallpaper, but the range of background images is so great that the effort is more than worth it.


Amateur photographers from around the world share and tag their vacation photos and impressions of the city and nature on Flickr. Several of them have enough aesthetic appeal to be fantastic wallpapers for your Android smartphone.

Once you’ve found your favorite, click the arrow in the bottom right corner and see the available resolutions. In any case, it should be higher than the one on your smartphone screen, otherwise you will get unpleasant artifacts. Unfortunately, some artists do not allow their images to be downloaded.


Can it also be a drawing? Then check out DeviantArt. Whether eroticism, cosplay, game themes or other fantasy motifs: Contemporary artists of the digital age meet there and exchange ideas on motifs, which are often among the best wallpapers for your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to obtain images with sufficient resolution there. Some images are also offered for a fee. The download link for your future smartphone wallpaper is located to the right of the preview.

hubble site

The Hubble telescope floats in our orbit, taking pictures of distant galaxies. On Earth, these are further processed in such a way that we can recognize something in the recordings. These post processes are awesome and the best wallpapers for space fans. You can get them in generous resolutions from the Hubble site; download links are to the right of the preview.

hubblesite stars

The whirlpool galaxy also works galactically well as a smartphone background. / © Hubble site

astronomical picture of the day

NASA’s astronomical picture of the day is equally astronomical. The space agency tells a little story about each image. Unfortunately, with these smartphone background images, it is often not known in advance whether they are the correct resolution and therefore really suitable for smartphone wallpaper. But they’re also great. You can access the full resolution image by clicking directly on the preview. With the IFTTT app you can set the image automatically every day.

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