Thymesia: Defeat Odur – 8 tips for the first boss fight

Odur can be a tough nut to crack.

Odur can be a tough nut to crack.

You may have comfortably walked through the tutorial and your first level, the sea of ​​trees, in Thymesia, only to take a good beating from the first boss. If you’ve approached action game like Dark Souls so far, you’ll have to look at the ringmaster Odur and ask what you’re really doing wrong.

More importantly, Thymesia wants it to play in a very specific way, especially in boss fights, and is more reminiscent of Sekiro in that parrying is extremely rewarding. If you haven’t practiced this much before, Odur can be an enormously difficult part. But we do have some tips for removing the ringmaster from the arena.

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1. Distribute your talents wisely

A great advantage that Thymesia offers you is that you can redistribute your acquired talents at any time. You should definitely take advantage of this by repositioning yourself tactically before every major challenge. Here are some abilities that can change the rules of the game depending on your style of play:

  • Saber: Healing Execution Lv. 1 and Lv. two: If you execute an execution, you recover your life points, even if you take Odur to phase 2.
  • Saber: Sharpen Weapon Lv. 1 and Lv. two: more damage when tearing wounds
  • Parry: Reckless Parry Lv.1 and Lv.2: longer window to parry, but less damage
  • Stop: Power Parade Lv. 1 and Lv. two: Parrying restores the energy for your plague weapon.
  • Dodge: Short Dodge Lv. 1: You can dodge twice in quick succession.
  • Evade: Short Evasive Maneuver Level 2: Offensive buff to successfully dodge
  • Claw: Long Claw Lv. two: You can attack twice in a row with the long claw and deal 30% more damage the second time.
  • Claw: Lv1 and Lv2 Energized Claws: Regenerate energy from claw attacks.
  • Strategies: Plague Wounds Lv. 2 and Lv. 3: Increases the time it takes for enemy wounds to heal.
  • Strategies: First Aid: You will be healed automatically if you are killed with at least one heal in your bag. But first you have to unlock two less useful skills.

You can constantly redistribute skills in the talent menu.

You can constantly redistribute skills in the talent menu.

2. Savings are key

Stopping is extremely rewarding on Thymesia. If you manage to parry, you will directly open the wounds, whose damage you will only have to make permanent with the claw attacks.

Do you have difficulties to stop Odur? Try to remember the combos and the timing of each hit, especially with delayed attacks. Especially the two and three combos in phase 1 can be used very well to parry. Parries also work with his kicks. If you’re still unsuccessful, practice again in the sea of ​​trees with easier opponents, or increase the time window for stops in the talent tree, as described in the first tip. You’ll deal less damage, but it can still give you a lot of relief.

If you want to see what it would look like if you mastered the game mechanics correctly, check out my colleague Chris’s video:

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3. Dodge correctly

If you don’t want to stop Odur, most of his combos can be dodged back very well if you are a medium distance from the boss. You can also dodge the left or right kick combo around the boss.

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Game time and number of areas

4. Beware of these attacks

Is Odur making you nervous with his nasty tomb attacks? These can easily kill you instantly if your life bar is no longer full.

Important for your ball toss attack: Be careful when Odur launches a whole row of balls. If the last single ball that is announced with the warning sound and the green line hits you, you can no longer dodge the attack. The first few ball throws don’t deal much damage, but it’s best to dodge all of them anyway, because otherwise you’ll always briefly stagger. The three rows and the green warning occur at the same time while the final release is delayed.

Talents allow you to recover life from executions.

Talents allow you to recover life from executions.

Additional attacks in phase 2: In the second phase, there is also an attack that is announced in red. If you see this, you must run away as quickly as possible. There is also a frontal “wave” that goes through the ground. However, you can dodge this sideways.

Also, Odur likes to spread out his combos in phase 2. Be prepared, regardless of parrying or dodging, another two or three combos can be linked at the end.

5. Don’t be greedy

Always let Odur attack first. The best time to attack is right after a combo ends. Ideally, you should be close or medium distance. If you take the initiative before Odur, he will most likely run you over with a combo.

There is one exception: If Odur is currently in retreat and throws his individual balls, you must attack, otherwise he will remain passive for a long time. However, it is advisable to only set one shot at a time and wait to see what happens.

Wait for Odur to finish his attacks.

Wait for Odur to finish his attacks.

6. Halberd as an alternative to Parry

Stopping is not for you or do you just need something extra? Then the halberd is recommended, just to shorten the second phase. The plague weapon has a long range and deals decent damage.

But keep in mind that you need a large attack time window and you have to rely on talents that give you energy back to use the weapon.

7. Properly improves healing

For your healing to be as effective as possible, you need to invest your alchemy boosts in all three upgrade options, i.e. number, effect, and ingredient slots. You should not underestimate the latter in particular. Ingredients provide additional health regeneration or damage reduction for a set amount of time.

Properly enhancing healing is extremely important.

Properly enhancing healing is extremely important.

Eighth stopgap: go to the farms

Still nothing helps? You can then simply fully reset the Sea of ​​Trees level by returning to the hub. Your checkpoints are no longer activated and you have to start over, but strong opponents respawn, giving you lots of experience points and useful items. If you play through to the boss room again, you should have enough of everything to improve healing and level up.

How do you approach Odur?