The Best and Most Complete Accounting Software and Easy to Apply

In business activities, a business requires valid and accurate financial statements. For this, you need reliable and quality accounting software. Even now, the existence of applications for business accounting activities is very easy to find.

Yes, there are several types of accounting software available that provide users with many options.

Still, not all offer quality assurance and a high level of accuracy. Therefore, you must be careful when making decisions.

The accounting application itself is considered as a practical solution for its users to perform various accounting activities easily.

However, even for ordinary people. For accurate results, make sure you use only the best accounting apps and software. Take a look at the reviews.

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Best and Most Comprehensive Accounting Software Recommendation

It is undeniable that currently the use of applications for accounting activities is an important requirement for companies, not only large-scale ones but also SMEs. One of the reasons is that the application can be used in a simple, practical way and the results are accurate.

Basically, accounting software is a software system specifically designed to process the calculation process in the field of accounting. From transaction data collection to financial reporting results automatically.

Thus, the accounting process that seems complicated and long becomes simpler and easier to understand. Report results can be obtained faster because everything is automatically integrated.

Of the many accounting applications or software available, the best option is accounting software. Why choose a Mekari app? Of course, there are several advantages that this app offers and you won’t find it in other apps.

With the quality of reliable app products, it is no wonder that Mekari’s Journal app has now been used by more than 20,000 companies and businesses in Indonesia.

There are at least 4 reasons why you should use the Mekari Accounting Journal app:

  • Mekari Journal is the best accounting software in Indonesia and the first. As a pioneer in the field of accounting software, of course, the quality of the services provided is superior and comprehensive.
  • With the live chat feature in the app, the after-sales service provided by this product is certainly very effective in supporting the business activities of the company.
  • Journal by Mekari app is very secure because it is ISO 27001 certified with bank level security standards.
  • To make it easier to use, this Journal accounting software is equipped with a variety of exciting features and is integrated with the POS system to make it more efficient.

With complete features and service products, this special accounting application can increase the accuracy of data entry in each reporting period. Meanwhile, in terms of data entry, it can be sped up to make an impact on time, energy, and cost efficiency.

Through the Journal app, you only need to enter the sales data once and then all the revenue data can be easily identified in a faster process. The application’s automated system is also effective in minimizing the occurrence of input errors in reports.

Benefits of online accounting software

As an application product in the field of accounting that is superior, of course, there are various benefits that can be gained from using the application. For more details, here are some of the benefits of the Daily Accounting app:

1. Error-free financial records

An important benefit to be gained from using the Journal Melari app is avoiding the risk of errors in financial recording.

As is known, errors in recording income and expenses will certainly have a negative impact.

In general, errors in financial records are likely to occur when the recording is done manually. Human error factors such as lack of accuracy, etc. will cause financial records to be inaccurate.

With this financial accounting software, all financial records can be avoided from the risk of errors. This is inseparable from the existence of an automated system, so the level of precision produced is also high and far from errors.

2. Help increase business productivity

It should be understood that in the development of a business, there are many factors that will influence. This includes appropriate technology that will optimally manage the financial system.

The use of Jurnal by Mekari accounting software for the accounting activities of this company will, of course, help to increase business productivity.

The work activities of the employees will be easier and more efficient. Because everything is integrated with a sophisticated accounting system.

Thus, in business activities, companies can save more time and energy. Especially in terms of recording financial reports, both daily, weekly and monthly. This allows accounting activities to be executed more effectively and efficiently.

3. Speed ​​up the financial reporting process

As explained above, by using Mekari Jurnal’s accurate accounting software, competent employees will find it easier and faster to prepare financial reports. Because everything is systematized and integrated automatically.

With complete functions and easy to operate, the reporting process will be more efficient. This will certainly come in handy, especially if quick business decisions are required.

4. Help reduce operating costs

Another benefit of using Journal by Mekari accounting software is related to the operating costs of the company.

Compared to manual recording, which of course requires more energy and time, this app is clearly more efficient.

Manual registration is also more complicated because it depends on the speed of human work manually, not to mention the risk of data entry errors.

However, with this Journal app, all recording can be done conveniently and cost-effectively.

5. More accurate financial reports

It is undeniable that manual financial records are more prone to errors that result in inaccurate data.

However, these risks can be minimized and even eliminated with this cloud-based accounting software.
Unlike manual recording, where the results are not necessarily valid, you can rely on this app for precise and accurate financial records.

This is inseparable from the technology built into the app to make it faster, real-time and more accurate.

6. Facilitate monitoring of financial conditions

Accounting applications designed with online technology are clearly more practical and easier to use.

Not only that, through your internet connection it is also easier to monitor your financial condition anytime, anywhere in real time.

All financial data of the company has been fully and automatically recorded so that no data is lost. In addition, all the data is always up-to-date so that you can find out about the latest news from the company.

7. Make billing easy and invoice Pembuatan

You don’t have to worry about making bills and invoices because everything can be done more easily through Mekari’s best accounting software.

The hassle of making so many apps in a short time will not happen if you use this app.

8. Automated Financial System

With various features and technology in the Accounting Journal app, all financial records can be automatically updated and integrated.

This will provide a clear advantage for the company because it does not have to bother putting all the financial statements together.

Best Online Accounting Software Features Mekari’s Journal

The various benefits to be gained by using the Jurnal by Mekari app cannot be separated from the great features available in the app. The premium features in question include:

Accounting and Financial Reporting System

This feature allows you to access automatic accounting with real-time synchronization of transaction data.

With this feature, there is no need to manually reconcile, which will waste a lot of time.

In this application, a complete and automated accounting module is available in accordance with the applicable accounting standards in Indonesia.

From CoA, Ledger, General Journal to Trial Balance. You can also easily track data without the need to recap data!

Asset Management

Through the great features of this accounting software, you can easily manage company assets and maintain their value in the long run.

In this case, the management system will manage the assets according to their status to make them easier to track.

Also, new assets can be added to the list automatically, so there is no need to manually register them. You can also choose the depreciation calculation method via the functions available.

Purchase and Sales Registration Module

With this registration feature, you can more easily record all sales and purchases automatically.

You can search for transactions through the search bar. Import purchase and sale transactions easily and with real-time registration.

The posting feature of this accounting software will make it easy for you to manage transaction activities, both sales and purchases.

Likewise with the review activities of each transaction. Especially before you give your approval.

This feature will be very useful for automating daily work activities, making it easier to track transactions. With a user-friendly interface, everything can be easier to understand, even if you are a beginner.

Invoice generation management

Another great feature available in this accounting software is invoice creation management.

With this feature, there is no longer the risk of lost invoices because all statements will always be updated automatically and in real time.

There are many benefits to be gained when you take advantage of the invoice feature. Among them is a centralized management system so you don’t have to worry about looking for the data of each invoice.

The features of this accounting software also allow you to send invoices automatically and on time.

So there will be no more forgotten bills and even late payments.

This feature is also very flexible so you are not limited by different payment methods. Because there will automatically be a calculation so that it can be used for any term. And last but not least, you can easily track through the dashboard.

Through the above discussion, it can be concluded that the application of accounting journals is one of the important needs in a company or business.

Because with this app, various accounting activities can be completed more easily and produce accurate data.

For convenience in financial recording and reporting, including creating and submitting invoices, you can directly access the accounting software at If there is something more practical, safe and precise, why choose another?