Stardew Valley: Marry Leah – All information about gifts, events and more

Leah can get married in Stardew Valley - this is the best way to do it.

Leah can get married in Stardew Valley – this is the best way to do it.

Of course, you can also get married in Stardew Valley. The selection of potential partners is wide and difficult. But if you’ve decided on Leah and want to know what gifts the artist likes, you’ve come to the right place with our GamePro wedding guide.

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Daftar Isi

who is lea

Leah lives in a small cabin below Marnie’s farm by the river in the southeastern part of the woods. She is working on her own career as an artist and is interested in woodworking, but she is still reluctant to present her work to a wider audience.

Leah likes nature, animals and the forest. Consequently, she delights in the bounty of nature. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find her at the Stardrop Saloon, where she has a drink or two. His birthday is on the 23rd of winter..

Gifts: How to Maximize Your Friendship Rank

How gifts work: You can give all residents of Stardew Valley two gifts per week, but only one per day. Everyone likes different things differently. The joy is particularly great when you give people gifts for their birthdays. This always works and produces eight times the effect.

Leah loves these gifts

Leah is as for all universally loved articles. Pearl, Golden Pumpkin, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot, and Magic Candy to have. If you do not have the following items, you may bring Leah with you Eggs (except shadow eggs), fruit and milk make a pleasure

Surname font Ingredients for the preparation
goat cheese cheese press goat milk
poppy seed muffin cooking in the kitchen poppy seeds, wheat flour, sugar
salad kitchen, living room Leek, dandelion, vinegar
vegetable pan Cook Cave Carrot, Mushroom, Kale, Oil
truffle Pork
vegetable stew Cook tomato, beet
Came barrel all the fruits

Leah likes these gifts.

Surname font
string meeting in the fall
common fungus meeting in the fall
daffodil gathering in spring
dandelion gathering in spring
Drifting wood fishing, garbage
Ginger Gathering on Ginger Island
hazelnut meeting in the fall
holly gathering in winter
Leek gathering in spring
magma hut Meeting in the volcano dungeon
morel gathering in spring
purple mushroom gathering in the mine
snow sweet potato gathering in winter
spring onion gathering in spring
wild horseradish gathering in spring
winter root gathering in winter

Leah hates these gifts.

Leah can’t stand most gifts which are also universally rejected and hated. with the exception of driftwood, spring onions, or earth crystals. With what you can drastically lower your friendship rank are the following things:

Surname font Ingredients for the preparation
bread kitchen pub wheat flour
Potato cakes Cook potato oil
pancakes Cook wheat flour, egg
Pizza Cook Wheat Flour, Tomato, Cheese
shadow egg chicken in the shade
tortilla Cook Corn
survival burger Cook Bread, cave carrot, eggplant
seaweed to fish
rice pudding Cook milk, rice, sugar
pink cake Cook melon, wheat flour, sugar, egg,
Ice kitchen, ice cream stand milk, sugar
Fried egg Cook milk, sugar
Cookies Cook wheat flour, sugar, egg
surprise tent Cook 4 tents

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Leah Question: Choose These Answers to Improve Friendship

Leah asks you several questions during the events of the heart, but also one outside of them. When you go shopping at Pierre’s, at some point she asks you: “Why did you actually become a farmer?” You have the following possible answers, which affect your friendship rank.

  • I want to make tons of money. (-5 friendship.)
  • It’s more “real” than city life. (+5 friendship.)
  • Follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. (+5 friendship)
  • I wanted to escape my old life. (+5 friendship)

Movies and snacks: what Leah likes to watch and eat at the movies

You can also go to the movies in Stardew Valley at a certain time and they have different snacks and different movies.

What movies does Leah like the most? and which ones are not, you can see them here:

  • Leah loves the mystery
  • Lea likes it:
    • the brave little tree
    • The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch
    • The Zuzu City Express
    • Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
    • wumbus
  • Lea doesn’t like it:
    • howling in the rain
    • The Voyage of the Prairie King: The Movie

of course there is also that the right snacks:

  • Lea loves:
    • panzanella salad
    • star rain sorbet
  • Lea doesn’t like it:
    • potato chips
    • salted peanuts
    • joja-cola
    • jojacorn
    • nachos
    • personal pizza
    • Popcorn
    • black licorice
  • leah likes everything else.

Events: This is how the events of the heart begin in Stardew Valley

you have yours friendship rank increased to a certain number of hearts, it can trigger the associated events. You know your beloved a little better, you can help and much more.

  • 2 hearts: Go into Leah’s cabin when she’s home. If you try to kiss her here, your friendship value is reduced by 100 points.
  • 4 hearts: He visits Leah again at her house in the cabin.
  • 6 hearts part 1: Leah will come to visit you at the farm on a sunny day between 6am and 11am.
  • 6 hearts part 2: Go to Cindersap Forest when Leah is there too.
  • 8 hearts:
    • If you suggested to Leah that she host an art show at the 2 Hearts event, she will invite you to her farm between 6am and 8am Then it will take place at Pelikan Stadt between 3pm and 5pm
    • If you suggested to Leah that she create a website in the 2 heart event, you simply have to enter her cabin again when she is there.
  • 10 hearts: Go to Cindersap Forest between 11 am and 4 pm The event does not start in winter, however.
  • 14 hearts: The event starts when you leave your house if it’s between 6 and 8:20 am and it’s sunny, it’s not Sunday and it’s not winter.

In case you need more relationship advice from Stardew Valley fans:

Stardew Valley fans share these relationship tips

Marriage: That brings you Lea as a wife.

So I can marry Lea, your friendship rank must reach at least eight hearts before you can have Leah as a girlfriend (you need the bouquet from Pierre’s shop for this). Your farm must be updated at least once.

Once you’ve reached ten hearts, you can buy a Mermaid Amulet from the Ancient Mariner at the beach (only in case of rain/storms). Leah introduces him, and three days later the wedding bells ring.

Lea gives these gifts: Once you’re married, Leah will occasionally honor you with gifts. They depend on the weather and are:

  • string
  • common fungus
  • red mushroom
  • morel
  • Coffee
  • wild horseradish
  • daffodil
  • Leek
  • dandelion
  • cactus fruit
  • ostrich fern
  • berry spice
  • sweet pea
  • salad
  • Bottle of wine (only on New Year’s Eve)

By the way, you can also give gifts to your new wife. Now even every day, but still only once a day. He can also hug her spouses and they will help him out in the yard from time to time if he continues to make them happy.

  • Pour: All seedlings on the farm are irrigated except in winter.
  • Animal feeding: All animals are fed.
  • Full of the dog or cat feeder.
  • Repair broken fences
  • Breakfast or Lunch: You get random food if you have space in your inventory.
  • Starfall Fruit: If you have reached 12.5 hearts, there is a chance that you will receive one of the coveted Starfall fruits as a gift as a token of love.

That’s all you have to do to be able to marry Leah at the end. Tips are also good for increasing your friendship level in general.

Did you pick Leah in Stardew Valley or did you pick someone else?