Spotify: Nifty new Android feature guarantees individual mixtapes

Spotify queues have been around for a long time, but few people know about and use this intuitive feature, which has now been significantly improved on Android. Instead, we mostly use playlists. However, creating a playlist for each mood is a tedious task. So, in today’s coffee break, I’m going to show you some tricks on how to change and clear your Spotify queue to perfectly match any mood.

Did you know that Spotify playlists make great gifts? Last year for Valentine’s Day, my date didn’t bring me chocolates or flowers, but a Spotify playlist that he had prepared for the occasion. What I found impressive was that the track order could be quickly changed without destroying the original playlist. I was blown away, though that’s the only good thing to come out of this date. Anyway, today I am going to share this trick with you!


  1. This is how you quickly add songs to your Spotify queue
  2. How you see your Spotify queue
  3. This is how you delete your Spotify queue
  4. How to move or delete individual songs in Spotify queue

Queues show which song will play next and allow you to change the playback order. They differ from Spotify playlists in that they can be created and modified faster and are not persistent. You are in full control as you can remove the queue, add and remove songs (or entire playlists) and move them.

Unfortunately, Spotify has hidden this feature in the menus, so users mostly avoided it. That ended. Now you can quickly add songs, and here’s how to do it on Android and iOS!

This is how you quickly add songs to the Spotify queue

NextPit how to spotify queue 1

It is easy! / © NextPit

Adding songs to the queue is also now easier on Android as you no longer have to navigate through the hamburger menu. You can quickly add songs to your queue by following the steps below. Anyone who uses Spotify on iOS has of course known about this feature for a long time.

  1. Navigate to a playlist or artist page.
  2. Touch and hold the selected song.
  3. Swipe right until you see the green ribbon.

If your queue is empty, the selected track will play after the current track ends. If your Spotify queue already contains songs, the selected song will be placed at the end of the queue.

However, when you play a playlist, anything you add to your queue will play before the Spotify playlist continues. So if you continue to add items to the queue, they will be given priority until the custom queue is exhausted.

This is how you show your Spotify queue

NextPit how to spotify queue 2

Finding his tail can be a bit tricky. / © NextPit

The next step is to find its tail. This is important because it is from this menu that you can make all other changes. So you can z. B. clear the queue, delete songs, or move them around to change the order they should play. How to find your Spotify queue:

  1. Opens the main playback page of the song.
  2. Touch the button on the screen “Tail“, which is located in the lower right next to the “Share” button.

This is how you delete your Spotify queue

NextPit how to spotify queue 3

With just one touch you can start from scratch! / © NextPit

Since you can add an infinite number of titles to your queue, managing them can get quite tedious. Fortunately, you can easily start fresh by removing them. This is a fairly simple process:

  1. Open your Spotify queue.
  2. Click the button at the top rightdelete queue“.

This is how you move or delete individual songs in the Spotify queue

NextPit how to move Spotify remove queue 4

These buttons allow you to make changes to suit the changing mood! / © NextPit

Now we come to the exciting part. When you move songs in the queue, the order in which they are played changes immediately. Spotify displays the currently playing playlist just below the main queue so you can move and prioritize songs. So you can create a unique mix for every occasion.

To move songs in your queue:

  1. Open your Spotify queue.
  2. tap on the three lines (≡) to the right and hold it down.
  3. Move them in the order you want.

This is how you remove individual songs from your Spotify queue:

  1. Open your Spotify queue.
  2. tap on the Circle (◯) on the left side of the list.
  3. Touch “remove from queue“at the bottom edge.

These are the things you can do with your Spotify queue! This allows you to create custom mixes to suit any mood, no matter how quickly it changes. And all without messing up your precious playlists.

Do you find this trick useful? Do you have your own mix tapes that you would like to share with us? Let me know below in the comments.