So you get new weapons and find the best in the game

As with its predecessors, Friendly Fire's weapon stores have everything you need to strike fear into your enemies.

As with its predecessors, Friendly Fire’s weapon stores have everything you need to strike fear into your enemies.

The new Saints Row throws a lot of enemies at you and fights can escalate very quickly. So it is important that you carry a balanced arsenal with you. We will show you how to quickly fill your arsenal and what weapons you should always have with you.

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how to get more weapons

There are two ways to get more weapons. Either you buy them at the local gun store or you get them through quests.

the shops of Fire friend You can find chain anywhere in the world. Just look for the gun icon on the map. You can get new weapons there for relatively little money. For a few thousand dollars, you’ll quickly unlock something for every slot in your seven weapon categories. After that, you can upgrade it three more times:

Step 1: $5,000

Level 2: $25,000

Level 3: $100,000

If you level up your character, the offer increases even more. So check the weapon shop regularly. But not only friendly fire equips you. Also main quests, side quests either tasks of his criminal business reward you with weapons.

The best weapons for each category.

You can spend a lot of time and money on a single weapon. That is why we have selected the best ones for you in each category. Unless otherwise stated, you get the weapons as part of the main quests. You can find out in our test whether Saints Row is worth the time and money:

Too little fun for too much trouble

Melee: Pugnus Sanctus Dei

Pugnus Sanctus Dei

Pugnus Sanctus Dei

The Pugnus Sanctus Dei are stretchable boxing gloves that hit even distant opponents. They even have enough power to launch cars. You only get them by discovering the Santo Ileso story in two places:

Saint Thomas Corvachoin Eastern Providence

tamer squarein Old Town West

Then you unlock the boxing gloves.

Gun: KA-1 Cobra

KA-1 Cobra

KA-1 Cobra

Ironically, your first weapon in the game is also the best pistol as long as you upgrade it and unlock its iconic ability. Then the last shot of the weapon will reload your magazine if you hit the head. No other pistol can match this advantage.

Submachine gun: TEK-Z-10



The most balanced SMG, with which you can also do headshots. Iconic ability status effects are a nice bonus. Either you stun heavy enemies yourself or kill them even faster with burn and bleed damage. You can buy them at the weapon shop.

Rifle: K-8 Krunkov AR

K-8 Krunkov AR

K-8 Krunkov AR

In close combat, you can quickly take down even armored opponents and still fire off short bursts of ranged headshots. Thanks to the amazing iconic ability, your special attack fills up much faster, allowing you to heal more often in battle.

Shotgun: Police Shotgun

police shotgun

police shotgun

The police shotgun is very well balanced. Headshots almost always kill at point-blank range, and if you hit the body, the bleed damage will do the rest. You can buy these at the weapon shop.

Explosive Weapons: Panzerfaust Launcher

Panzerfaust Launcher

Panzerfaust Launcher

Alternatives to the bazooka launcher are often tricky or do very little damage. With the rocket launcher’s blast radius, you often destroy multiple vehicles and surrounding enemies, and thanks to the iconic upgrade, you only need one shot, even for tanks.

Special Weapon: Thrust Breaker

push switch

push switch

you build this Heurekabator!, then you can unlock this weapon in one of the quests in this shop. Not only are these rocket-powered soccer balls super fun, they also have a little hidden benefit. They kill armored enemies with a single shot. So if you see a villain with an orange health bar, give him a quick free flight from which he certainly won’t recover.

What is your favorite weapon in the new Saints Row?