Smartphone photography with the Honor 9X Pro: shoot like a pro

With its 48-megapixel triple camera, the Honor 9X Pro comes close to the resolution of high-end system cameras. However, the cell phone not only spits out huge amounts of data, but also processes the information from the image sensor with artificial intelligence. With a little basic knowledge, anyone can take stunning photos that could easily come from real photography professionals. In our guide, we take the Honor 9X Pro and show you five tips on how to take better photos.

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the right light

From the general rule “You need as much light as possible for photography!” you hear it over and over, but it’s only partially correct. Although a photosensor needs light to work, glaring sunlight is not suited to your subject in all situations. For example, if you take a portrait, your model will quickly squint in direct sunlight. Also, direct light casts a lot of harsh shadows that make faces look unflattering. Therefore, for portrait shots, it’s best to go for a soft light source for softer lighting of faces and bodies.

AndroidPIT honors 9x for reflection

Really eye-catching: The back of the Honor 9X Pro is an eye-catcher, perfect for portrait shots. / © AndroidPIT

Indirect light windows are an ideal source of this type: if the sun shines directly, thin white curtains are suitable as a diffuser. Alternatively, you can use a light-colored house wall as a reflector or wait until the sun is a bit covered by clouds. You can also create very special lighting environments in the evening or in the morning. Professional photographers always like to use the golden hour and blue hour in the morning and evening to bathe subjects in a reddish or bluish light. Once you have agreed on the time and place for the next photo session with your model, you should first familiarize yourself with the portrait mode of the Honor 9X Pro.

To do this, Honor has provided the mobile with its own camera, which provides depth information to the processor. Due to the main camera offset, the camera measures the distance between the phone and the object in order to better separate the foreground from the background. The smoothing of the desired background for portrait shots works particularly reliably.

The 9X Pro’s camera software even lets you set a virtual aperture. If you open the aperture of digital cameras, the background becomes more blurred. If you close the aperture, the background becomes sharper. This so-called “depth of field” effect is also available on the Honor 9X Pro. So you can use the aperture to let the background show through more or less in portrait photos. But what is the best way to place the subject in the image?

the perfect composition

Each photo stands out and falls with the composition of the image. By arranging the objects in your photo, you guide the viewer’s eyes and point to certain things. Do you want to draw the viewer’s eyes directly to your photographic model or should the person blend in with the landscape? With the rule of thirds or the golden section, these exact effects can be determined a little in advance. The photos app on the Honor 9X Pro offers guidelines to help you get your bearings. A 3×3 grid divides the image into a total of nine parts. As a general rule of thumb, you can place important subjects in your image along these intersecting lines, as well as at their intersections.

NextHonor 9X Pro 3x3 Pit Grid

With the 3×3 grid you can place motifs specifically on the image. Of course, the rule of thirds is not set in stone: perfectly symmetrical images, for example, can also develop great appeal. / © NextPit

If you now activate the “48 MP AI Ultra Clarity” mode in the camera settings, you will get the maximum detail of the image. This is always recommended if you want to change the section of the image later using digital zoom. As you can see from our example photo, the resolution of the Honor 9X Pro is easily enough for so-called “cropping”. Without zooming in, 8000 x 6000 resolution images are ideal for creating poster-sized prints from your photos.

NextPit Honor 9X Pro 48MP

The “48 MP AI Ultra Clarity” mode records more details. / © NextPit

explore new perspectives

Although you can enlarge photos afterwards thanks to the “48 MP AI Ultra Clarity” mode, the field of view of photos can no longer be enlarged after they have been taken. So you shouldn’t shy away from exploring new perspectives with the Honor 9X Pro. The large borderless screen, with no indentations or punch-hole notches, allows you to see your subject better than with any digital camera.

Just hold the cell phone just above the ground and take pictures from below. Your pet cat or dog will immediately look like a giant monster. Bird’s-eye photos, ie from above, make the motifs look quite small. Photographers use the effect of different perspectives in portraits to attribute certain characteristics to the person. A strong personality is best shown from below, as it makes you appear a little more sublime. Politicians are often photographed at eye level to arouse empathy in the viewer. Try it out by holding or pressing and holding your cell phone.

NextPit Honor 9X Pro ultra wide angle

With the wide angle mode, you get more scenery in the picture with landscape shots. / © NextPit

The Honor 9X Pro also has an ace up its sleeve for landscapes and architecture. Because the ultra wide angle mode brings all the details of a 120 degree field of view to your photo. If you are traveling around the city, you can take pictures of entire buildings, even if the streets in the city center are quite narrow. The wide-angle shots of the sea also show how spacious the sandy beach is. However, when taking wide-angle photos, keep in mind that lines always appear slightly curved, especially at the edge of the image. This can provide interesting results, but does not flatter the subject at all in portrait photography. Faces get distorted and suddenly look much fatter in wide-angle mode than they do in real life.

Camera AndroidPIT honor 9x pro2

With the triple camera of the Honor 9X Pro you are prepared for every situation. / © AndroidPIT

Light graffiti and sparkling water modes.

If you’ve ever used a digital camera, you’re probably familiar with the dial with the letters “PASM” on top. Here you can choose between the four main modes Pprogram priority, shutter priority (yesshutter priority), aperture priority (AAperture Priority) and the meterselect annual mode. Since there is only one virtual aperture on the Honor 9X Pro, settings for exposure time or ISO sensitivity can be set in Pro mode. Along with the computing power of the Kirin 810 chipset, you can also use more powerful imaging modes. creatives.

NextPit Honor 9X Pro light graffiti

Symbols like in the video are easier to implement than letters. / © NextPit

Grab a flashlight or a second smartphone at night and try light graffiti. The Honor 9X Pro especially illuminates the photo and thus records the bright light from the flashlight or the smartphone screen as a light trail. With a little practice, you can paint images as if we were trying to write the word “nextpit” or put your face in a photo several times. With a long exposure time, the camera smartphone also works in glittering water mode and star and light trails mode. A cell phone tripod helps you keep your cell phone steady and in position. However, it is also enough to lean the Honor 9X Pro against a wall or hold it between two books. Again, your creativity is required here!

NextPit Honor 9X Pro water

Soft water and washed out clouds without ND filter – the algorithms of the Honor 9X Pro make it possible. / © NextPit

Image editing with the Honor 9X Pro

If things don’t go perfectly when you take a photo, it’s not the end of the world. After all, the various editing options are a great advantage of digital photography. Again, the Honor 9X Pro will help you with artificial intelligence and practical applications. Because in addition to rudimentary editing options like brightness, contrast, and sharpness, you can set color accents, insert filters, and also create blur in later portrait shots.

NextPit Honor 9X Pro Beauty

When it comes to image processing, the following often applies: less is more. The Honor 9X Pro definitely has some pretty powerful tools on board. / © NextPit

Honor has also provided the mobile with its own beauty mode for portraits. It uses continuous controls to determine things like the brightness of your teeth, the shape of your face, and your complexion if you don’t like a 100 percent portrait. If you use these editing options discreetly, portraits can be enhanced very easily. But you shouldn’t overdo it, because you look great even without a filter! In addition, there is also a function here with the distance for flash points that focuses more on camera defects.

AndroidPIT honor 9x pro hero

AppGallery offers you many great apps to edit your photos. / © AndroidPIT

In addition to the Honor 9X Pro gallery app, you will find other camera apps and image editing software in Huawei AppGallery. You can find them in the “Photo and Video” category. PicsArt, a powerful image editor, is especially recommended for photos. Here you can retouch and edit images with brushes. YouCut can be used to trim videos or create small movies from multiple clips. PicCollage, on the other hand, combines multiple images into a collage and here you can determine things like number of images and layout yourself.

In addition to image processing apps, AppGallery also has popular social media platforms, because after all, you need to post your professional photos. First of all, you need to install Instagram, because countless photographers present their works on the popular photo network. Show us your favorite recordings with the Honor 9X Pro using the hashtags #NextPit Y #Honor9XPro!

What are your tips for smartphone photography?

Ambitious smartphone photographers keep surprising us with their creative ideas, which would never have occurred to us amid the stress of the editorial office. Smartphones are launched into the air for the shot in a robust mobile phone case with a self-timer or land under a glass of water to use its transparent contents as a filter. What are your tips for smartphone photography? Let us know in the comments and tell us which cell phone your favorite photo was taken with.

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