Set up the TalkBack braille keyboard: explained step by step

The intercom feature on Android smartphones is intended to help visually impaired people with smartphone navigation. But the faithful companion can do even more. Starting April 13, you can access a TalkBack braille keyboard. We’ll show you how it’s done here.

Not only the control of a smartphone becomes a problem if it cannot be seen impaired. The regular QWERTZ keyboard is also a problem that Google wants to fix by implementing a TalkBack braille keyboard for Android smartphones. Here you can find out how to activate the new virtual keyboard on your smartphone.

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Braille for the smartphone: this is how the keyboard is configured

With the TalkBack braille keyboard, you can virtually transfer braille to a smartphone. There’s no haptic feedback here, but the TalkBack feature tells you which letter or character was typed. Therefore, the TalkBack feature must be turned on to use it. The enlargement, on the other hand, must be on display.

Activate TalkBack: this is how it is done

  • Go to on your smartphone settings and tap on the area Additional settings.
  • Scroll down a bit and tap Accessibility. Then select TalkBack, turn on the feature with the slider, and tap OK in the window that appears.
activate the answer function

In the Accessibility section you will find the TalkBack function. / © AndroidPit

Then proceed as follows:

  • types in TalkBack in settings button at the bottom of the screen and select the subitem in the new window braille keyboard outside.
  • In the Braille keyboard menu item, tap Braille keyboard: tap to set outside.
  • In the window that appears, first type in the settingsafter In use thereby activating the TalkBack braille keyboard.
enable talkback braille keyboard

Please note that the Braille keyboard only works in English so far. / © AndroidPit

This is how you can use the TalkBack braille keyboard:

  • Open an app or just the browser to be able to write in a text field.
  • Type in the text field to get the virtual keyboard screen and switch there Globe icon on the TalkBack braille keyboard.
  • Below is an explanation of how to use the braille keyboard.

a new: Unfortunately, the feature is currently only available for English Braille. Also, you still can’t use this keyboard layout in Google Docs or Messages.

using the braille talkback keyboard

The TalkBack braille keyboard explanations are in German. / © AndroidPit

We have summarized a rough procedure for you here in a few points:

  • To use the Braille keyboard, you must move your smartphone screen away and hold the smartphone in front of you.
  • As a result, the back of the smartphone should be facing you and you should be holding the smartphone by the two short ends.
  • If you hold the smartphone correctly, you should hold the side with the USB-C connection with your right hand.
  • You have six points available for the letters, where you can write words through combinations. This is how you write the letter “B” by touching the numbers one and two.
braille keyboard numbers

By combining these six numbers, you can write different letters, among other things. / © AndroidPit

Other actions you can perform with the Braille keyboard:

If you’re using the braille keyboard, remember that you can’t use any other TalkBack touch gestures. But the TalkBack Braille keyboard gives you enough other actions that you can optimize your texts with swipe gestures. We have listed some of them for you below:

  • Swipe left on your screen: This removes your individual letters
  • Use two fingers and swipe left on the screen: This will delete entire words.
  • Swipe right on your screen: This inserts a space
  • Use two fingers and swipe right on the screen: This allows you to jump to a new line
  • Use two fingers and swipe up on your screen: So you can send your texts
  • Use three fingers and swipe up on your screen: You will be presented with the list of braille keyboard options. under the point show all touch gestures, You can see more touch gestures.

Good to know for anyone who doesn’t want to use their Braille keyboard all the time:

  • Use two fingers and swipe down on your screen: This way you hide the Braille keyboard
  • Use three fingers and swipe down on your screen: This allows you to replace the keyboard