Protect your cell phone from heat: great tips for hot days

It’s unbearably hot outside and you’re thinking of walking to the nearest ice cream parlor? Then you should be a little less selfish and think about your loved ones! That’s right, your smartphone doesn’t like heat at all. That’s why NextPit brings you tips and tricks on how to protect your cell phone from heat.

Rising temperatures and bright sunshine often put you in a good mood, but summer is challenging for your mobile phone. Because while the mobile phone produces a lot of heat when charging or doing arithmetic, phones get quite hot under the scorching sun.

Therefore, you should pay a little attention to where you leave your cell phone in the summer and in what environment you want to use features such as fast charging. To make sure components like the battery, SoC, and everything else don’t get damaged, we’ll show you five tips that you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to heat waves.

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Tip 1: Don’t leave your cell phone in the scorching sun

Modern cell phones are made of glass, metal, plastic, and other materials that are fairly good conductors of heat. Not surprisingly, manufacturers use the back of the smartphone to dissipate heat from the processors. While the materials inside the cell phone cool it down, they can also get quite hot in sunlight.

smartphone sun

Direct sunlight is not good for your cell phone in the long run! / © StockSnap on Pixabay

For one thing, you nearly burned your fins on the hot glass of the screen. On the other hand, the smartphone battery in particular can suffer long-term damage at temperatures above 40 degrees. If you’re out and about and want to take your cell phone to the park, for example, just put it under your picnic blanket or leave it in your backpack. In this way, you ensure that your beloved smartphone does not get direct rays of the sun.

Tip 2: Beware of hot cars

What applies to children and dogs should also apply to your mobile phone. I do not mean that a Redmi Note 10 Pro is adorable and cute, I just advise against keeping it in the car. While it’s convenient to leave your cell phone in the center console when you shop, it’s not healthy for your cell phone.

As is well known, cars get hot and then it gets uncomfortable for your smartphone. In addition to potential cell phone damage, an exploding car battery doesn’t look too good. Therefore, it is better to simply take it to the supermarket or, if necessary, store it in a cool place such as the glove compartment.

Tip 3: Avoid fast or shadow charging without a case

I briefly touched on the subject of cell phone charging, but we should think again. As I already mentioned in my article on the possible damage of fast charging, temperature is a point of friction with lithium-ion batteries. Of course, manufacturers test their charging technologies in laboratory conditions and themselves point out that ambient temperature is crucial.

NextPit Fast Charge

Fast charging technologies are handy, but they do heat up your cell phone quite a bit even in winter. / © NextPit

With super fast charging, the phone itself gets quite hot and leaving it in the sun can quickly become harmful. So don’t charge your cell phone on the balcony, but in the apartment. If this is not possible, it is advisable to remove the mobile phone cover in summer so as not to further hinder heat dissipation.

Tip 4: Please do not put it in the refrigerator or in water.

I already hear you criticizing in the comments that no one comes up with such a stupid idea. But just because you’re tech-savvy doesn’t mean everyone is! The idea of ​​cooling the cell phone with water or putting it in the fridge for a few minutes is of course obvious at first.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note8 1 year of water

Although many smartphones are waterproof, you should not keep them under the tap to cool down. / © NextPit

However, not all mobile phones are waterproof and even when placed in the refrigerator, condensation may accumulate on the mobile phone due to the extreme change in temperature. If this deposits on sensitive components, dangerous short circuits can occur. In other cases, the camera lens fogs up from the inside, and then try to take good photos with the cell phone in summer.

Tip 5: Get out of your pants pocket and into your cell phone chain

If you are like me, you prefer to put your mobile phone in the right pocket of the pants. Because that’s where you always have it handy, somehow the world just agreed on “front right mobile phone, front left key, back right wallet”. In summer, the mobile phone naturally heats up twice as much.

Because the sun hits hard on the front and back denim, you keep your phone warm with a body temperature of almost 37 degrees. A good way to give your cell phone more air is to use cell phone chains. While these don’t look particularly cool in the eyes of some NextPit readers, they’re a great way to get that hot phone out of your pants come summer.

What are your tips against hot cell phones?

Last but not least, we want to hear your tips for thermal insulation in summer! For example, do you use a gaming smartphone with an external fan or do you have a case that keeps the phone cool? Tell us your tips in the comments and simply take part in our poll!