Play Store on the Fire tablet: this is how you bring Google apps to Amazon

Did you buy an Amazon Fire tablet on Prime Day, Black Friday or any other time and missed popular Google apps like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and other services? With a few quick steps and a computer, you can easily install the Google Play Store app and most Android apps on your Fire HD tablet.

In the past, the procedure required complicated command line steps that weren’t really easy to use. Thanks to the efforts of independent developers, you can now use a simple tool on a Windows PC to get the Google Play Store and all necessary Google Play services on current Amazon Fire tablets.

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What do you need

  • An Amazon Fire tablet (most models as of 2014).
  • A Windows PC with a free USB port.
  • The Fire Toolbox app for Windows.
  • A USB cable (the included one will work if it is compatible with the PC port).

Enable USB Debugging on Amazon Fire Tablet

Before running Fire Toolbox software on PC, you need to enable USB debugging on Fire tablet. The steps are similar to normal Android smartphones and allow another device connected to the USB port to control the tablet.

NextPit Amazon Fire Google Play 01

First activate the developer options / © NextPit

  1. open the app settings.
  2. choose device options.
  3. to go About the Fire tablet.
  4. taps serial numberuntil you unlock developer options.
  5. Go back to the previous screen and select developer options.
  6. Activate developer options.
  7. Then scroll across the screen and activate it. USB debugging.
NextPit Amazon Fire Google Play 02

… and then enable USB debugging / © NextPit

You can disable both USB debugging and developer options at any time after installing Google Play Services on your Fire tablet, but you may need to repeat these steps for tablet firmware updates.

Install and configure Fire Toolbox on PC

Now that you’ve prepared your tablet for USB debugging, it’s time to prepare your PC. Unfortunately, Fire Toolbox is only compatible with Windows, but according to the developers, the software can also be installed on a virtual machine running VMWare:

  1. Install Fire Toolbox on Windows PC.
  2. Connect the tablet to the computer.
  3. Open the Fire toolbox app.
  4. Choose a theme for the app.
  5. As you set up the ADB environment on PC, when prompted by Fire tablet, please authorize the computer to access the tablet USB debugging must be allowed.
    1. Enable the checkbox in “Always allow from this computer” and taps okay.
NextPit Amazon Fire Google Play 03

After connecting the Fire tablet to the PC and opening the Fire Toolbox, you need to approve the connection on the Amazon device. / © NextPit

Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Tablet

Now the fun begins: The Fire Toolbox app provides a clean interface that allows you to customize your Amazon Fire tablet in many ways, including installing Google Play Services, custom launchers, removing lock screen ads, and even installing custom apps from YouTube. with more features.

To install the Google Play Store and other Google apps, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Google services.
  2. Click run tool.
NextPit Amazon Fire Google Play 04

Install the Google Play Store on the Fire tablet with two clicks. / © NextPit

The Fire Toolbox app will automatically download and install the Google Play Service and Google Play Store system.

After installation, it is recommended to wait a few minutes before using the Google Play Store. According to the developers of Fire Toolbox, Google services update in the background, including Google Play Protect.

Then open the Google Play Store and simply sign in with your Google account. Previous purchases and subscriptions should automatically import to the Fire tablet.

Likewise, after opening other Google apps (YouTube, Keep, Drive, Docs/Sheets/Presentations, Gmail, Maps, etc.), your account should already be set up. Depending on your sync options, app data should be downloaded to the Fire tablet accordingly.

NextPit Amazon Fire Google Play 05

After installing the Google Play Store, you can get apps like YouTube, Gmail and popular games from the Android store. / © NextPit

Did you know this method to install Google apps on Fire tablet? Have you tried the old command line steps? Do you have any other ideas for customizing Amazon tablets? Share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section.