New OnePlus cell phone: You must change these 6 things

Anyone can protect the new mobile phone with a PIN or set up a Google account! After setting up your new OnePlus phone, there are a few things that you would immediately change as a OnePlus pro. Because below I will show you 6 essential tips on OxygenOS, with which you can get even more out of your new mobile.

Table of Contents:

Copy your data with Clone Phone

Of course, this is the simplest step in this guide and you can do it during the initial setup of your OnePlus smartphone. Just like Samsung Smart Switch, the purpose of Clone Phone is to transfer the data from your old phone to the new OnePlus. Attention, do not confuse this application with the so-called Huawei Phone Clone.

  1. installed clone phone on your old Android smartphone or iPhone.
  2. in yours new OnePlus you choose”This is the new device”.
  3. Choose to migrate data from: Oppo, Realme or OnePlus, another android either iPhone.
  4. choose in yours old smartphone This is the old device.“.
  5. scans with you old smartphone the qr codeyours new OnePlus it shows.
  6. touch yours old smartphone in Start migration.
oneplus first things set up

Clone Phone has replaced OnePlus Switch / © NextPit

Now all you have to do is manually select the files, apps and contacts that you want to transfer to your new OnePlus smartphone. Migration through Clone Phone is done over Wi-Fi. Make sure both smartphones stay connected to the same network.

Please note that there are two versions of Clone Phone on Android. They are simply the Oppo and OnePlus versions. By the way, both are compatible with each other. On iOS, the cloned phone app cannot be found online. You have to scan a QR code with your iPhone on the new OnePlus phone to be redirected to the corresponding page of the App Store. Both apps support the German language.

Adjust the screen to your preferences

Personally, the first thing I do when I get a new smartphone to test is set up the display. I’ll focus on four key elements here: refresh rate, resolution, dark mode, and color customization.

Choice of color mode via cinematic screen

OnePlus smartphone screens are known to be very well calibrated and offer various color modes to adjust the coloration. For a natural display that goes beyond Vivid mode, I prefer Natural color mode. But OnePlus also offers Cinematic Pro mode, which aims to cover the DCI-P3 color space as much as possible to cover a wider range of colors and allow for more realistic reproduction.

  1. to go settings and then to screen and brightness
  2. to go screen color mode
  3. taps Pro mode and choose film
oneplus frist things set screen color mode

Do you prefer neutral or bright colors? / © NextPit

Set the screen refresh rate to 120 Hz

The refresh rate of current OnePlus smartphones is usually around 90 or even 120 Hz. In the case of the OnePlus 10 Pro, thanks to the LTPO 2.0 screen, this rate can be varied from 1 to 120 Hz, while it is usually 10 to 120 Hz. I haven’t seen a scenario where the frame rate actually goes to 1Hz. But varying the refresh rate will definitely help extend the battery life of your OnePlus smartphone.

  1. Go to the settings and then up screen and brightness
  2. to go Update frequency
  3. Choose the level “Tall”
oneplus frist things set screen refresh rate

I’ve never seen my refresh rate go above 1Hz. / © NextPit.

Set the screen resolution to Full HD+

OnePlus flagships offer AMOLED screens with a resolution of up to QHD+. Personally, I prefer to stick with Full HD+, as it’s perfectly adequate for the 1080p video content I consume, and more importantly, it’s more energy efficient.

  1. Goes up settings and then up screen and brightness
  2. to go screen resolution
  3. choose FHD+
oneplus frist stuff set screen resolution

You can also switch between resolutions to extend battery life. / © NextPit

Set the level of dark mode

Like ColorOS, OxygenOS also offers a dark mode intensity option: Enhanced, Medium, and Low. I leave it at the default Enhanced level, but I also turn on the Adaptive Contrast option. With this option, the intensity of dark mode adapts to the light conditions around you, so you don’t have to set the brightness to maximum every time you’re in the sun.

  1. to go settings and then to screen and brightness
  2. to go Dark mode settings
  3. Choose the mode Improved
  4. Activate the option adaptive contrast
oneplus frist stuff set screen dark mode

I enjoy my dark mode like I enjoy my coffee. / © NextPit.

Activate and customize OnePlus bookshelf

OnePlus Shelf is a kind of all-in-one menu with shortcuts to your favorite apps, as well as weather, note and calendar widgets, a pedometer and much more. In short, it’s a drawer for quick access to a variety of frequently used apps and features.

Personally, I find the “OnePlus Shelf” menu very useful and I recommend that you customize it to your liking. You can add new widgets, display your Spotify player, and much more.

  1. wipes from your home screen from the top right corner downtowards OnePlus shelf open.
  2. Is writing top right in the gear icontowards settings to call.
oneplus first things setup shelf

What do you think of the return of the OnePlus shelf? / © NextPit

Assign the swipe down gesture on the home screen

OnePlus smartphones are not compact smartphones, but the manufacturer is working on making the OxygenOS interface usable with one hand. Instead of having to stretch your thumb to slide your finger up and down on the screen, you can simply slide your finger from the bottom of the screen. That way you won’t have to have cramps in your fingers.

These settings are usually preset on your OnePlus. But if not, I will tell you briefly how you can activate it.

  1. Go to settings.”
  2. to go Home screen and lock screen.
  3. taps Swipe down from home screen.
  4. choose “notification bar“.
oneplus frist stuff set up swipe down home screen

Your too-small thumb will thank you. / © NextPit

Create a flashlight shortcut from the lock screen

OnePlus offers several gestures that can be activated from the off screen of your OnePlus smartphone. Essentially, when the screen is locked, you can draw a series of icons to launch specific apps or actions. It’s quite a hack, but one of these shortcuts seems particularly useful to me.

So by drawing a V on the off screen of your OnePlus phone, you can turn the flashlight on and off. I usually need my smartphone’s flashlight when I lose something under my bed or in the seat at the theater. Another case is when the light in the stairwell of my apartment building turns off automatically.

In short, these are not situations where I unlock my phone, swipe down and look for the flashlight icon. So just drawing a V on the screen seems much more intuitive to me.

  1. to go settings and then to special functions
  2. to go gestures and movements
  3. types in off screen on gestures
  4. Activate the option “Draw a V to turn the flashlight on and off”.
oneplus first things set screen off gestures

I find those options really useful! / © NextPit.

Allows for optimized charging

OnePlus offers an optimized overnight charging feature. Essentially, your smartphone learns how you use it every day and adjusts the nightly charging speed. The idea behind this is that if you leave the phone plugged in for a long time, the phone will charge more slowly.

I activate this option the first time I use it so that the smartphone has time to learn how to use it.

  1. Goes up settings
  2. change to battery pack.
  3. Go to the Advanced settings.
  4. Activate the option Optimized overnight charging
oneplus initial setup optimize overnight charging

That’s how you find the feature in no time / © NextPit.

That’s it with our quick start for your OnePlus smartphone. Do you have any other tips that you would recommend to other users after setting up a new cell phone? Let me know in the comments!