New lock screen in iOS 16: all possible new functions

With iOS 16, Apple will introduce various iPhone lock screen customization options. From the ability to customize fonts to inserting widgets, you can customize almost every lock screen element to your liking. Even if the functionality won’t come to your iPhone until the fall, we’ll show you in this guide how you can create your own lock screen.

If I had to choose among the top five features of iOS 16, I would definitely choose the new lock screen editing option. Because visually they are the biggest change in iOS beta. Apple has finally given us more control over what we can see when we need to unlock our iPhone. This may seem trivial to those who use Android smartphones, but in Apple’s world, this feature is quite exciting.

It is important to remember that iOS 16 is still in development and is currently only available to developers. In July, Apple will release iOS 16 public beta where all users can enjoy the new features before the official announcement. In our iOS update guide, you will learn how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone.

iOS 16 Lockscreens: This is how the feature works

Apple’s new lockscreen system is very similar to the one on the Apple Watch. That means you can create lock screen galleries and customize them according to your interests. To create your first lock screen on iOS 16, just follow the steps below:

  1. push long time on lock screen (system uses FaceID to allow lock screen editing).
  2. To create a background image, tap the blue icon (+) in the lower right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose a wallpaper from the available categories at the top of the screen or swipe down to see all the options (Apple relies on the Gallery app to suggest the best shots to use on the lock screen – this is really cool and indeed, the one I used in the example below).
  4. Once you have selected the wallpaper you want, tap the (+) icon to select a widgetthat you want to use. Recommended widgets are at the top, but there are other options by category as you scroll through the screen. Here you have to drag the desired widget to the appropriate field.
  5. To change elements such as fonts and colors, tap the clock field.
  6. Tap the date to add the widget. Options include Calendar, Clock, Fitness, Reminders, Stocks, and Weather.
  7. If you are satisfied with the adjustment, typing easy on the “Finish” button on the top right of the screen and save your lock screen.
  8. To restart the customization process, tap under on the “Customize” button.
Screenshot showing lock screen editing in iOS 16.
To set up your first lock screen in iOS 16, first select a background image, colors, fonts and widgets / © NextPit

It is important to note that each category has its own specifications. For example, if you use Wallpaper Photo Shuffle, you can choose the types of images: people, nature, and cities that are currently available. Also, your choice for lock screen will be automatically selected as home screen. Unlike Android, it’s impossible to have internal and external wallpapers… at least not yet.

Focus mode screenshot in iOS 16.
After saving the lock screen, you can also quickly activate focus mode. Lock screen and home screen are identical here / © NextPit

Last but not least, you can also quickly set the focus mode from the lock screen. Another interesting feature is the ability to navigate between the previously customized lock screens by simply swiping left or right.

I personally consider the lock screen solution developed by Apple to be one of the best I’ve used on a smartphone. Obviously it took Apple a while to make their lock screen attractive, but at least the feature now comes in a very smart format.

What do you think about the new customization options for your iPhone lock screen? Do you think Apple is doing everything right or do you think its functionality is overkill? Let us know in the comments!