New in Android 13: Google’s new clipboard is so nifty

In every OS update, there are small changes that eventually turn out to be important features in the daily life of smartphones. In Android 13, that could be the new clipboard that gives you more options. At the same time, Google is also making headlines with a security feature that you should definitely pay attention to.

Google introduces a new clipboard in Android 13. Now that the operating system for Google’s own smartphones has been released, we could try the new copy and paste system. Below I show you all the new capabilities of the Android 13 clipboard. But before that, there are two fundamental changes that you should be aware of after updating to Android 13.

By the way, in the linked article we tell you which smartphones will receive the update to Android 13. In addition to Google’s Pixel smartphones, you can currently install OneUI 5.0 beta on Samsung S22 devices as well. With ColorOS 13, Oppo has also introduced its own adaptation of Android 13.

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Automatically delete and sync

On the net, the media warn of the new clipboard at the start of Android 13. Because Google automatically deletes the confidential content that you have copied after an hour. This should protect your data from malware that specifically spies on your clipboard. Needless to say, you may also lose important information as a result, so be a little careful when copying passwords and security keys.

Another issue that most concerns the clipboard is synchronization between Android devices. If you copy content to your Android tablet, the text passage or image can be pasted to tablets running on the same Google account. Apple offers a similar feature between iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks, so I can assure you that the feature is really useful.

This is how the new Google clipboard works

The copied content can finally be edited

On Android, copy texts by holding them down for a long time. On the Google Pixel 6, I get a wonderfully crisp vibration and can select the text I want with my finger. Then select “Copy” in the dialog above the marked text and now there is the first change. In Android 12, the highlight just disappeared and you could see in Gboard that the text had been copied.

Screenshots of the new clipboard in Android 13.

You can now edit the copied content. / © NextPit

As with creating screenshots, you can now see a short preview of the copied text at the bottom left. If you tap on this, you can edit your clipboard again. Everything fits? Then tap “Done” and you can use the text elsewhere as usual. To do this, long-tap on an empty text field and tap “Insert”. Alternatively, you can also tap on the clipboard on the Google Gboard keyboard.

Simply forward the copied texts

A little change, while we’re still in the text: after copying the content, you’ll also find a share button next to the little window at the bottom left of the screen. Here you can turn on Nearby Sharing or forward text messages to the messenger of your choice. You don’t have any more options here, but the feature is still really handy.

New clipboard in Android 13 screenshot 2

If you don’t want to edit anything, you can touch directly in the Share dialog. / © NextPit

Copy images and mark before forwarding

In addition to texts, you can also copy images that you can find on the Internet, for example. To do this, tap on the desired image again and you will see the clipboard dialog at the bottom left of the screen. If you tap on the image here, it will open the Google markup feature. This is a mini image program that you can use to mark items on the image or add text suggestions.

Screenshots of the new clipboard in Android 13 3

Images are edited directly in Google Markup. / © NextPit

Tap “Done” again when you’re done, and then insert the image by long-pressing it in Messenger or your email program and clicking “Insert.” As with text, you can reselect the Share dialog to share the image directly to other applications.

Overall, I find the new clipboard in Android 13 to be really useful. But what do you think of that? Let me know in the comments!