6 Must-Have Apps for Your Phone, You Must Try App No.4!

Having a smartphone these days is like becoming one of those things everyone must own. Almost all existing activities, such as working on communication facilities, rely heavily on smartphones as the core. There are tons of different Android apps that you can download and use on your smartphone.

All existing Android applications have different features to increase your productivity at work. In addition, some applications can also provide you with very valuable information, e.g. From news to the latest weather forecast reports, Stock and forex trading news or repors for you that like on investment, also you could watch hd movies in your cell phone. To help you find the best Android application, this article will cover:


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1. MX player

You can’t always enjoy streaming movie services because an internet connection can’t always be found, especially when you’re out of town. Use the Android MX Player application to easily play a large collection of Bluray quality movies on a smartphone. This application can also display subtitles clearly, so you can conveniently watch movies offline.

2. eToro

68% of investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. However, if you understand the risks, you can use the eToro social trading platform.

More than 500 million trades have been opened on eToro and the number is growing by the day. eToro is a social trading platform that allows users to emulate the actual trades of the best performing traders.

eToro is perfect for people who want to learn from the pros, learn their moves, connect with them and copy all the trades they make for as little as $50.

This gives users time to focus on what matters most. Build your trading network and learn along the way, in a simple and hassle-free environment on one of the easiest to use platforms!

eToro is famous for a reason.

For people exploring the world of trading, this platform offers in-depth analysis and statistics. Making your first investment with eToro has never been easier.

3. Whatsapp Ringtone Sound Changer App


If you want to create a ringtone that can say the name of the message sender, you have to use another method. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult. You just need to install an additional application and the ringtone will change immediately, it called Shouter Notification Reader.

Here you can create a WA ringtone that will show the name of the sender of the message. You can also set the language in the language menu. You can also set the speaking style in the sound settings menu in the Shoter app.

You can pronounce words in your language more naturally to make them more personal and fun. You can open these settings in the Notifications app and select Customize notification sound. Two fields allow you to enter your version of the text.

How to make a WA ringtone saying the sender’s name is?? Check the Details below to start download, install then how to use the app to change the Whatsapp ringtone:

4. Netflix

Watching movies is a great way to relieve fatigue and stress. Netflix is a very popular Android app because you can easily stream different movies online through your smartphone. If you subscribe from Rp. 60,000 every month, you can already enjoy various very interesting movies in the palm of your hand.

Now this movie streaming application is arguably one of the most popular streaming platforms. If you are a movie lover you must have heard about it.

Indeed, Netflix is the largest movie and TV series streaming service in the world today. Lots of movies and series to watch through the application.

The categories and genres of the films and series offered are also diverse. There is a wide range of movies and series for adults, teens, kids to toddlers, you know golden friends!

In fact, this streaming app also offers Netflix-exclusive movies and TV series that are only broadcast by the platform.

5. GoForex

Hey, are you just starting out in the forex game and investing your life savings to make some extra money? Then look no further. This is the best foreign currency guide for new students.

Go Forex helps new traders understand what is going on behind their trades. With Go Forex, learning the tricks of the trade and mastering the basics has never been easier. You can learn and test your knowledge with quizzes after each lesson. This platform allows users to thoroughly understand and master any topic.

Discover the best insights and trading experience on Wall Street with Go Forex!

6. Bloomberg

The only difference between a billionaire trader and a bankrupt railroad wreck is access to the right information.

Bloomberg News provides the best financial news on the web.

You cannot trade without being informed of the latest global developments. Always research your trades and follow the news even if you have the best forex trading app. Always!

Get financial information and keep track of the financial instruments you are interested in with Bloomberg. Apart from that, the app also provides a platform where you can monitor your portfolio and receive alerts about your positions. Bloomberg’s goal is to help you make the best trading decisions and improve your financial perspective.

If you want to keep your portfolio on track, Bloomberg is a great tool to do it!