Latest Laptop Price List Above 10 Million

Various brands of laptops have various series and specifications. Each series has its own advantages. Various needs can be met for various activities such as gaming, graphic design and others. The latest complete laptop price list can help you determine the choice of a laptop. With a complete laptop price list, it will be easier for you to determine the price range.

Laptop Price List Above 10 Million

Daftar Harga Laptop Lengkap

The complete laptop price list that we present this time has a price range of 10 million and above. So for those of you who want to have the latest series of laptops with high specifications, it is very appropriate if you look at the complete laptop price list that we provide. If the main factor in buying a laptop is price, it would be nice if you listen to the complete list of laptop prices above 10 million below.

Price: Above 10 Millon

HP Probook 430 G2 (8PT)

IDR 10.199.000,-

ACER Aspire E5-472G (NX.MSKSN.001)

IDR 10.199.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440-8ID Touchscreen

IDR 10.199.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440-U00

IDR 10.299.000,-

HP Pavilion 14-v207TX

IDR 10.450.000,-

HP Pavilion 14-v209TX

IDR 10.480.000,-

LENOVO K2450-839

IDR 10.499.000,-

HP Pavilion 14-v208TX

IDR 10.599.000,-

HP Probook 440 G2 (7PT)

IDR 10.750.000,-


IDR 10.799.000,-

FUJITSU LifeBook UH554-4210U

IDR 10.890.000,-

ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-FL050H

IDR 10.985.000,-

ASUS ZenBook UX305FA-FC091H

IDR 10.999.000,-


IDR 10.999.000,-

Price: Above 11 Millon

DELL Inspiron 14 5447 (Core i7-4510U)

IDR 11.399.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440 HIF

IDR 11.399.000,-


IDR 11.499.000,-

MSI GP60 2PE Leopard Pro

IDR 11.499.000,-

ACER Aspire E5-572 (NX.MQ0SN.001)

IDR 11.500.000,-

DELL Inspiron 14 5447 (Core i7-4510U)

IDR 11.500.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E450-RIA

IDR 11.599.000,-

ASUS Pro Essential PU451LD-WO150G

IDR 11.649.000,-

ASUS Pro Essential PU451LD-WO160G

IDR 11.799.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E540 C00

IDR 11.999.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E440-9ID

IDR 11.999.000,-

Price: Above 12 Millon

LENOVO K2450-435

IDR 12.249.000,-


IDR 12.699.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E450-PID

IDR 12.999.000,-

Price: Above 13 Millon

DELL Inspiron 14 7447 (Core i7-4710HQ)

IDR 13.300.000,-

XENOM Pegasus PS15C-BN11

IDR 13.799.000,-

MSI GP60 2PE Leopard

IDR 13.999.000,-


IDR 13.999.000,-

Price: Above 14 Millon

APPLE MacBook Pro (MD101ID/A)

IDR 14.149.000,-

ASUS ZenBook UX305FA(MS)-FB114H (M03910)

IDR 14.299.000,-

HP Envy 14-u211TX

IDR 14.399.000,-

FUJITSU LifeBook AH564V-4712MQ

IDR 14.399.000,-

XENOM Pegasus PS15C-BN12

IDR 14.799.000,-

APPLE MacBook Air (MD761ID/B)

IDR 14.999.000,-

MSI GE60 2PC APACHE (Core i5-4200H)

IDR 14.999.000,-

Price: Above 15 Millon

FUJITSU LifeBook UH574-4500U

IDR 15.141.000,-

ASUS Pro Advanced BU201LA-DT021G

IDR 15.499.000,-

XENOM Siren SR14i-DL01

IDR 15.499.000,-


IDR 15.899.000,-

LENOVO Thinkpad Yoga 1ID

IDR 15.949.000,-

Price: Above 16 Millon


IDR 16.499.000,-

ASUS Transformer Book T300CHI-FH057H

IDR 16.499.000,-

HP Envy 15-k205TX TouchSmart

IDR 16.499.000,-

APPLE MacBook Pro With Retina Display (MGX72ID/A)

IDR 16.499.000,-

XENOM Siren SR14i-DL02

IDR 16.499.000,-

MSI GX60 3CC Destroyer

IDR 16.599.000,-

DELL XPS 13 (Core i3-4010)

IDR 16.693.000,-


IDR 16.999.000,-

MSI GS60 2PL Ghost (Core i5-4200H)

IDR 16.999.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga FIF

IDR 16.999.000,-

MSI GE60 2PC Apache

IDR 16.999.000,-

Price: Above 17 Millon


IDR 17.199.000,-

LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 3 Pro 5ID

IDR 17.499.000,-

LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 3 Pro 8ID

IDR 17.499.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad X240 DID

IDR 17.500.000,-

XENOM Shiva SV15C-BN11

IDR 17.699.000,-

XENOM Shiva SV15C-X2-BN02

IDR 17.859.000,-

MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro

IDR 17.999.000,-

ASUS Pro Advanced BU401LG-CZ059G

IDR 17.999.000,-

LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 3 Pro HID

IDR 17.999.000,-

HP EliteBook 2170P (AV_B01)

IDR 17.999.000,-

LENOVO IdeaPad Yoga 3 Pro VID

IDR 17.999.000,-

Price: Above 18 Millon

DELL Inspiron 15z 7548 (Core i7-5500U)

IDR 18.000.000,-

ASUS Pro Advanced BU201LA-DT020G

IDR 18.499.000,-

HP EliteBook Folio 9470m (6PA)

IDR 18.900.000,-

APPLE MacBook Pro With Retina Display (MGX82ID/A)

IDR 18.999.000,-


IDR 18.999.000,-

Price: Above 19 Millon

FUJITSU LifeBook AH564V-4712MQ

IDR 19.200.000,-

XENOM Siren SR14i-DL03

IDR 19.499.000,-

LENOVO IdeaPad Y70-70 0ID

IDR 19.999.000,-

Price: Above 20 Millon

ASUS Pro Advanced BU401LG-CZ058G

IDR 20.499.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad Yoga GIF

IDR 20.999.000,-

XENOM Phoenix PX15C-BN11

IDR 22.399.000,-

MSI GS60 2PC Ghost ( i7-4710HQ)

IDR 22.499.000,-

ASUS ZenBook UX301LA-C4108H

IDR 23.999.000,-

LENOVO ThinkPad X1 XID Touch Carbon

IDR 24.899.000,-


IDR 24.999.000,-

FUJITSU LifeBook S904-4500U

IDR 25.177.900

LENOVO ThinkPad X1 MID Touch Carbon

IDR 25.500.000,-

MSI GT72 2QD Dominator

IDR 26.999.000,-

MSI GT60 2PC Dominator

IDR 26.999.000,-

XENOM Phoenix PX15C-X3-BN01

IDR 27.499.000,-

APPLE MacBook Pro With Retina Display (ME294ID/A)

IDR 28.599.000,-

XENOM Phoenix PX17XC-X3-BN01

IDR 28.799.000,-

MSI GT72 2QD Dominator

IDR 29.499.000,-

XENOM Hercules HC15C-BN11

IDR 29.699.000,-

Price: Above 30 Millon

FUJITSU LifeBook S904-4600U

IDR 30.538.000,-

FUJITSU LifeBook S904-4600U

IDR 30.538.200

MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro

IDR 31.999.000,-

ALIENWARE M17xR5 Anodized Aluminium

IDR 33.486.200

XENOM Phoenix PX17XC-X3-BN02

IDR 33.899.000,-

XENOM Hercules HC15C-BN12

IDR 34.299.000,-

MSI GT72 2QD Dragon Edition

IDR 34.999.000,-

MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro

IDR 36.999.000,-

MSI GT80 2QD Titan

IDR 37.999.000,-

MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro

IDR 38.999.000,-

Price: Above 40 Millon

MSI GT80 2QE Titan

IDR 42.999.000,-

MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro

IDR 42.999.000,-

Price: Above 50 Millon

XENOM Hercules HC17S-BN02

IDR 53.999.000,-

The complete laptop price list is in the price range above 10 million. Although a bit expensive, all of the above series have their own uniqueness and advantages in terms of features and performance. The complete laptop price list above includes various brands in Indonesia today. With a complete selection, we hope to help you find the best laptop.

We have also grouped the complete laptop price list above according to certain price categories which we hope can help you find product series easily. This is information from the Ulaspc editor regarding a complete laptop price list above 10 million. Hopefully it can be a reference for the latest laptop updates