How to Find All the Tarot Cards for the Full Deck Cup

Not only trophies for tarot cards, but also useful information from Eliza.
Not only trophies for tarot cards, but also useful information from Eliza.

Find tarot cards as you stumble, tease, escape, and battle the teens in The Quarry. It’s not just collections that earn you trophies full deck bring, but they also give you an optional look into the future. So that you don’t miss this opportunity, we will tell you where all the cards are hidden.

Overview of all cards:

This is how tarot cards work

In the cutscene, an old woman named Eliza comments on your past successes (or failures) and offers you the opportunity to look into the future with the help of the cards you find.

You will then see a very brief scene that can provide you with important information and help you make an informed decision. If you find more than one card in a chapter, you can choose which scene you want to see. However, the tips that Eliza gave in this regard were all very vague.

Tarot cards give you a glimpse of the next scene.
Tarot cards give you a glimpse of the next scene.

A notification: The order of the cards in the menu does not always match the order of the scenes in the chapter. For example, you can find map #7 before map #6.

Also practical: Since the camera automatically focuses on the card whenever you get close to it, you don’t have to look far.

Warning! If some of your characters die prematurely, then you can’t reach certain areas where the cards are, or you can only reach them with other people. If you want everyone to stick around, we recommend our guide:

The Quarry Trophy Hard Night - How All Teens Survive


#1 The Fool

View: Laura in the forest

After jumping off the ledge, you have to turn left to find the map.

Chapter 1

#2 Simplicity

View: Jacob at the Inn

Go to the kitchen. You can view the map immediately after logging in.

chapter 2

#3 The Hanged Man

View: Nick with Abi in the forest

In search of firewood, both must follow the signpost to the left to find the map. Then just walk along the path until the map becomes visible.

part 3

#5 Tower

View: Abi in the forest

Abi walks through the forest. After the cutscene where Abigail sees someone, walk straight ahead until you see a map.

#4 Stars

View: Jacob in the boathouse

Emma sends you to the boat shed for towels. You can find the map by walking towards the canoe.

Chapter 4

#7 Witch

View: Emma on the island

If you’re playing Emma, ​​turn around, walk towards the camera and the end of the dock.

#6 Strength

View: Submit

When the group returns to the lodge, you will see a map beside the table.

Chapter 5

#8 Devil

View: Dylan at camp

As you explore the area around the cabin with Dylan, head to a picnic table.

#9 The Hermit

View: Dylan at camp

Then look at the big antenna near the radio shed with Dylan.

Chapter 6

#10 Justice

View: Jacob in the forest

Go down the stairs and turn left.

#11 Months

View: Abigail by the shower.

When you see the shower cubicle with Abigail, the camera pans to the map.

Chapter 7

#13 World

View: Laura in the cell

After you play Laura, go to the grid cells to find the map.

#12 Train

View: Laura at the police station

When Laura is free to roam around the station, you should go to the room with chairs stacked on a table. There you will find a map.

Chapter 8

#15 Lovers

View: Ryan and Laura in the mine

Once the fence is broken, stay left and go to the next possible platform.

#16 Wheel of Fate

View: Laura in the mine

After Laura rips off the board, you’ll find a small forked tunnel with the map a few meters further.

#14 Empress

View: Ryan at the distillery

Run with Ryan into the room where there is a chair and where you can see the Refining Equipment.

#17 Ruler

View: Ryan at the distillery

Walked between shelves with big barrels with Ryan.

Chapter 9

#18 Death

View: Ryan at Hackett’s house

When you get out of the dumbwaiter, you should head for the bed at the back of the room.

#19 Sun

View: Laura at Hackett House

If you go to the second floor with Laura, you will find a room with a large window in front. Just go to the window.

#20 Court

View: Dylan at the junkyard

Once inside in the trash car, look for the stairs that will lead you to the platform. Stay left on top.

#21 The Hierophant

View: Abigail in the shelter

While in the bunker with Abigail, all you have to do is walk up the big, wide staircase.

Chapter 10

#22 High Priest

View: Kaitlyn at the inn

As you explore the cottage with Kaitlyn, go upstairs to the room with the bed and from there proceed to the attic where you’ll find the final map.

Now you have done it! Your deck is full, you have to collect trophies!

Do you want to collect all the tarot cards for trophies or are you more interested in the hints you can get from them? Which card did you miss?