Google Lens on the iPhone: this is how Google’s AI camera is used on iOS

Google Lens is now also available on iOS devices! In this guide, we will show you how to use Google Lens on iPhone. It can copy information from images, intelligently search for objects or QR codes, and do many other cool things.

In my opinion, Google Lens is one of the best tools that Google has created. It conveniently combines all the great AI features with an intuitive user interface and open ecosystem integration. Whether you’re using an iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, or Pixel 6 Pro, you can always use Google Lens to solve a variety of problems. As long as you have internet access, of course.

Before we start: Google’s powerful AI on your iPhone


Google Lens can accurately identify products and plants! / © NextPit

Since moving to Germany a few weeks ago, I’ve come to appreciate Google Lens. I can tell you that the German bureaucracy is really a tough nut to crack when it comes to complexity. There is a form for everything and you will be lucky if you find a service or agency with a website in English. A live translator can do wonders.

For me, Google Lens is the best tool for live translation. Grocery shopping? Lens can tell me if the milk on my hands is stable or fresh. I am looking for a product that does not have a barcode? I simply take a picture of it and it identifies itself with remarkable accuracy.

But I also have a nerdy side. Sometimes I really want to know the scientific name of the flower I pass by, or to see cooking recipes for this strange fungus that I have never seen before. Or I have some handwritten notes from a meeting that I need to transcribe real quick! The possibilities of this tool are almost endless, and luckily they are the same on Android and iOS.

iOS 15 has many of these features built in by default, but they don’t cover the full spectrum that Google Lens offers. Also, not all iOS 15 devices support native integrations. For example, Live Text can only be used by the iPhone XS and later.

What you need for this guide: A iPhone and access to app store.

Here’s how to use Google Lens on iPhone

Using Google Lens on iOS is super easy as you basically just need the Google app from the App Store.

1. you opens the app store.
two. search according to google app.
3. Touch to bring.


child’s play! / © NextPit

But you probably already knew all that. So let’s get to the fun part. Here’s how to use Google Lens on your iPhone:

  1. opens the google app.
  2. Is writing about him camera next to the microphone.
  3. granted the Permissionto use the camera.
  4. Choose the tool you want to use.
  5. search in your area For live results, take a photo or choose one from your gallery.
  6. Is writing in the part of the screen that the Focus AI objective.
  7. Enjoy the power of AI!

Google Lens on iPhone: a versatile tool for your daily needs


Math problems are a thing of the past! / © NextPit

If you have already been able to try the application, you may have been a bit overwhelmed by the many functions and the little explanations that the user interface offers. Yes, accuracy is sometimes an issue. But with a little human intuition and practice, you can get very good results after a few tries.

First of all, Google Lens shows you the right direction. Using the example of the tomato image above, the third option was the one that most closely resembled mine. But after changing the angle several times, Lens got a better look at the tomato.

Here is a small list of useful features that Google Lens offers you:

  • Live and offline translations.
  • Live transcripts, even from handwritten notes
  • Answer simple homework questions
  • Identify products by their shape.
  • read barcodes
  • Identify famous buildings, animals and plants.
  • Identify foods and dishes.
  • Split bills and calculate tips

More tricks to dominate your iPhone:

Are you using Google Lens on an iOS device? If so, what do you think of that? Let me know in the comments!