Find night shards and dream shards and they will bring you that

Dreamshards and Nightshards are particularly valuable because you only find a few of them.

Dreamshards and Nightshards are particularly valuable because you only find a few of them.

Dreamshards and Nightshards can be found throughout Disney Dreamlight Valley, but you won’t immediately know what they’re actually used for. Here we explain why you should collect as many Dream Shards as possible, what Dream Shards and Night Shards are for, and how best to get as many as possible.

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What are dream shards and night shards for?

Dreamshards and Nightshards aren’t worth much on their own, but they are some of the most important items in Dreamlight Valley. On the one hand you need them for various missions, for example from the wizard Merlin. There’s even a quest in The Curse that currently prevents you from progressing if you don’t have enough Dream Shards, so be careful.

Elaboration: On the other hand, you can also turn Dream and Night Shards into Clean Night Shards at the workbench (for example, in Scrooge’s shop). You also need them for quests and they also make good gifts for your residents. If you have Dream Shards, you can also turn 10 pieces into 250 Dreamlight, but we advise against doing this, at least at first, because you will need them for some quests.

For five night shards and one dream shard, you can get a purified night shard.

For five night shards and one dream shard, you can get a purified night shard.

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Nightshards are relatively easy to get, but you’ll need more for the Purified Nightshard recipe. You can find them with your shovel when you dig up glowing mounds throughout the game world. Nightshards aren’t guaranteed here, but they still drop quite often.

This is how you find fragments of dreams

Dream Shards are a bit more difficult to obtain as you can only get them from two specific sources. On the one hand, you can give the small animals that roam the world their favorite food. There is a chance that they will leave you a Dream Fragment as a thank you. However, you can only feed each animal once per day. These animals exist and this is how you should feed them:

  • Rabbits: your favorite foods are carrots. Follow them three times when they run away from you so you can feed them.
  • Foxes: Her favorite food is sturgeon. You also have to chase them several times before you can feed them.
  • Turtles: Her favorite food is seaweed. Turtles hide in their shells when you get close to them. Wait for them to come out and feed them.
  • raccoons: are your favorite foods blueberries. Just get close to them when they are crouched. As soon as they stand up on their hind legs, you need to stop.
  • Crocodiles: Her favorite food is Locust. As with raccoons, you should only approach them when their heads are down and wait when they are up.
  • Squirrel: are your favorite foods misery. You can just walk up to them.
  • Sunbirds: Their favorite food depends on their color: Golden Sunbird (sunflower), Red Sunbird (red bromeliad), Emerald Sunbird (Green Passion Lily), Orchid Sunbird (Orange Houseleek), Turquoise Sunbird (Pink Houseleek). You can get close to them easily.
  • Ravens: an unknown

As a second option, you can also get Dream Shards as loot to take out Nightthorns. However, the chance here is quite low and only a few new night thorns appear per day. At least we have a tip: In your unlocked biomes, you can also enter the areas that are initially blocked by mushrooms and the like. To do this, you simply need to unlock the well from the biome and then place it in the locked area via the build menu. You can now teleport there and remove the night thorns there as well.

New way to get Dream Shards: Thanks to a new update, obtaining dream fragments will be very easy. Because just like the shards of the night, the shards of dreams can now also be unearthed. Just use your shovels on the glowing hills and hopefully there will be some dreamy shards for you. You can get one or two Dreamshards per hill.

Have you collected enough dream shards for everything or are you constantly broke?