Find all 50 projectiles for the strongest sword

The shells don't look like much, but it's worth keeping an eye out for.

The shells don’t look like much, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for.

During your adventure in Zelda: Link’s Awakening you will almost automatically come across one of the 50 magic clams find that they are hidden throughout the game world. You’ll need to get them out of holes, save them as side quest rewards, and even collect them from chests in dungeons. That’s a lot of work that we’ll help you with in this guide.

The rewards in the Shell Bazaar

If you have enough mussels, then you have to go to the bazaar lead south of the castle. When you have enough, you can exchange them for useful rewards.

In the bazaar you can exchange the shells for rewards.

In the bazaar you can exchange the shells for rewards.

  • 5 shells: piece of heart
  • 15 projectiles: projectile detector
  • 30 projectiles: chamber stone
  • 40 Shells: Cocolint Sword
  • 50 projectiles: chamber stone

The two most useful rewards are the shell detector and the sword. With the first one you can feel magic clams from a distance. You will then hear a sound and an indicator will appear on the screen. This will also help you find the rest of the shells so you can cocolint sword unlocks Not only does this deal double damage, it also fires light at full health.

If you want to get the boomerang, we show you all the necessary trades here:

Get a boomerang and all the necessary barter offers at a glance

Summary of all shells

It is best to compare the map with yours in the game.  There you can display all the shells you have found.

It is best to compare the map with yours in the game. There you can display all the shells you have found.

  1. In the big field of grass Movendorfesdirectly to the right of Marin’s house and north of the Crane Chamber.
  2. drink Magic Forest take the first right and look for a chest a bit south behind some rocks.
  3. can you in crane game win. Win some items to make her appear.
  4. Like shell three with the crane game available.
  5. in the worm palace hidden where you have to open a wall to reach it.
  6. The skull explodes near him. honeycomb tree away and digging on the spot.
  7. Cut the grass on the plateau to the right.
  8. Go upstairs richard’s mansion downstairs after bringing him the five golden leaves. You will find the shell on the left.
  9. Go up from the entrance of devil’s mansion Go up the ladder to the right and dig in the middle of the clumps of grass.
  10. Use the Pegasus boots to run to the tree near the phone booth east of Gull Village.
  11. Under one of the stones in the stone field south of Kanalet Castle.
  12. Dig next to the owl statue on the island in the midget bay. You can reach them from zoo town outside.
  13. Dig right in the barn next to the house Madam Miou Miou.
  14. Use the Pegasus boots to run to the lonely tree to the west. worm palace.
  15. Dig in the southeast corner of the Torongastrands.
  16. Run against the palm tree in the western part of the Torongastrands.
  17. Under a rock in the southwesternmost part of the arid desert.
  18. dig in the arid desert just south of the owl among the cacti.
  19. Play the song of the wind fish to the walrus south of zoo town prior to.
  20. under a rock west of slime swamp.
  21. Drop a bomb in the hole to the right of that. taltal caves teleporters
  22. Dig to the bottom left of the owl statue.
  23. Under a bush on the small island in the South Sea.
  24. To the right of the last shell under some tufts of grass.
  25. In one of the jars abandoned house.
  26. Pick up a stone west of witch house go downstairs and dig in the middle of the green area.
  27. Dig in the eastern part of the Frantzenwaldes.
  28. West of fairy fountain in the Magic Forest. Dig in the middle of some blue flowers.
  29. Dig to the left of the tree at the northwest exit of the Magic Forest.
  30. Northeast of the phone booth near that slime swamp.
  31. as a reward for cristina in zoo townif you send the letter to Dr. Wright complied.
  32. Talk to the Zoras in the house east of zoo townWhen you have completed all the operations and the magic magnifying glass He received.
  33. Take the stairs that are under the knight on the Ancient ruins hides.
  34. Under a stone in the stone field at the exit of the Ancient ruins.
  35. In the chest on the island in the rapid. It can only be reached through an access from mask temple outside.
  36. Dig them on the island in the middle of the rapid outside. You have to make a trip and pull yourself up with the grappling hook.
  37. Do you get as a prize the best time in the rapid.
  38. Near the phone booth near Kanalet Castle. Crawl over the holes with the grappling hook.
  39. Diving in the northwestern part of the moat Kanalet Castle in the waterfall
  40. On the north island, in the lake, next to the devil’s mansion. Chop the grass.
  41. Shipyard from the bridge to the left of Chicken coop in the mountains of TalTal a bomb in the hole.
  42. From the last shell, head east across the suspension bridge. The shell is under a rock.
  43. Dive into the waterfall above the three waterfalls in valley valley mountains.
  44. Enter the cave to the east of the last shell and open the wall. Go down the stairs, solve a puzzle and go through the door to the outside. Then open the box.
  45. leave in the Eagle Fortress In the boss room, drop into one of the holes on the left with the Hinox and go up the stairs to the box.
  46. yes you are fishing pond if you see a glow, you can catch the clam.
  47. Just like shell 46.
  48. Under a rock on the plateau west of wind fish ice cream.
  49. Dig east of the phone booth, which is east of the turtle rock lies.
  50. Complete four challenges to Boris and you get the last layer.

Do you have problems with dungeons? Then we have the perfect solution for you for the most difficult dungeons in the game:

If you have found the last shell, you must urgently return to the bazaar and get the last of the coveted rewards.

Did you find all the shells without help?