Disable Google Assistant: “Ok Google, turn off”

Google Assistant has been a useful tool for many Android users for years. But not all users like the fact that their smartphone is always listening to “Ok Google”. Fortunately, the wizard can be disabled in a few steps. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to disable Google Assistant or the “OK, Google” command and replace Google Assistant on your smartphone with a competitor.

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Google Assistant cannot be simply uninstalled. That is why you need other ways to turn it off on your smartphone. Our instructions show you how to disable the assistant and the “Ok Google” wake word, turn off the microphone, or how to replace it with a completely different assistant. Then we will also explain how you can delete your personal data.

How do I get into Google settings?

There are different ways to access Google Assistant settings. These differ depending on the version of Android and the version of the Google app on your smartphone.

  1. Possibility: open the smartphone settings and touch the entry Google.
  2. Possibility: You will not find the Google item in the settings of all smartphones. Here you need to launch the Google app in the app overview, then click on the tab at the bottom right Plus and then up settings Touch to go to Google settings.
  3. Possibility: With older versions of the Google app, you can go directly to the Google settings when you launch the corresponding app on your smartphone.

Disable Google Assistant

You can usually communicate with Google Assistant by using the voice command “Ok Google” or by long pressing the home button. On mobile phones with gesture control, this also works if you swipe from one of the bottom corners of the screen to the center of the screen. All three behaviors can be disabled. If you ended up in Google settings through one of the methods described above, please proceed as follows:

  1. opens Accounting Services
  2. taps Google search, Google Assistant and voice input
  3. open there Google Attendee
  4. Then switch to the tab Attendee
  5. scroll down to Assistive Devices
  6. Click here smartphone
  7. Enclose the switch google assistant to make it gray

Alternatively, you can also access settings like this: Launch Google Assistant, tap the discovery sign (compass) at the bottom right, then your profile picture at the top right, and there settings. Then continue on 4. above.

disable google assistant 2

Disable Google Assistant: Here’s how to do it. / © Screenshots: NextPit

By the way, Google makes it easy for you so you can reactivate the assistant at any time. A long press on the home button and the request to activate the assistant appears.

Turn off “Ok Google.”

Assistant is fine, but does it bother you to constantly hear “Ok Google”? Then you can simply turn off voice recognition and continue using Google Assistant. To do this, go back to the Wizard settings as follows:

  • opens Settings > Google > Account services
  • taps Google search, Google Assistant and voice input
  • In some cases, the input can only Search to mean
  • Click here on the entry google assistant
  • Then switch to the tab Attendee
  • scroll down to Assistive Devices
  • Click here smartphone

Instead of completely disabling Google Assistant at this point, uncheck the box voice match. Again, the settings may differ depending on the Android and Google app version. Do you see the entrance? “OK Google” detectionjust check the box here to disable hot word recognition.

Want to prevent Google from generally using your smartphone’s microphone for eavesdropping? Then revoke permissions for microphone access. go to her in Settings > Apps & notifications > Show all apps and remove the corresponding authorization from the Google application.

A compromise would be to grant microphone permission only temporarily through the Bouncer app. You’ll be prompted before each use, you can use the microphone for a single “Ok Google” command and make sure Google doesn’t continue to listen afterwards.

Select another attendee

Once you have banned Google Assistant, you can simply change the assistant to another one. This is also activated by long pressing the home button. You can choose from the popular Microsoft Cortana or Amazon Alexa alternatives with a similar range of features. The open source alternative Mycroft has yet to come to Android.

To switch between multiple wizards, proceed as follows:

  1. settings
  2. app
  3. Default apps
  4. assistant app
  5. Help app and choose your favorite service

This service does not have to be a voice assistant. Firefox or DuckDuckGo can also intervene here. These then launch a new browser or search tab to quickly search the Internet.

Delete personal data from Google

If you want to be safe, you can now delete the personal data that Google collects when the Assistant is active (… and not only then). It is best to take a look at the Google dashboard to get an impression of the data stored. By the way, you can also access the dashboard directly through your smartphone if you go to the Google Settings in google account clicks

google dashboard on phone ap 01

You can also access the Google Control Panel through your smartphone. / © Screenshots: NextPit

To delete your data, look down the dashboard. There you will find the data collected for various activities. especially the sections voice and audio activities, location history Y searches contains a large amount of personal data that you can delete on the linked pages. By the way, you can also relisten your assistant commands there if you want.