Disable advertising on your Xiaomi cell phone with MIUI 13: It’s that easy

Whether flagships like the Xiaomi 12 or mid-range smartphones like the Redmi Note 11: Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 contains advertising, the famous MIUI System Ads (MSA). Unfortunately, that will also be the case with MIUI 13. However, there are some simple tricks to disable MIUI ads on Xiaomi smartphone. NextPit tells you how it works.

All tips to disable MIUI ads presented in this guide were done on a Xiaomi 12X running MIUI 13. However, these tricks also work on MIUI 12 or even earlier versions of Xiaomi’s mobile OS.


Remove Most Xiaomi Ads Via MSA

As a first step, you should definitely disable the MSA application. Because the so-called “MIUI System Ads” regulate much of the ads you see on the mobile phone. Turning it off is a bit of a hassle, after all, Xiaomi would like to show the ads on all cell phones, but with a little patience it will definitely work. However, the prerequisite is that your mobile phone has an active Internet connection.

  1. Go to settings Y Passwords and security
  2. Under “Authorization and revocation” search “MSA” and disables the input
  3. Now wait 10 seconds and then select “undo”
  4. You may receive a message that the authorization cannot be revoked. Keep trying until the system allows it
  5. Then restart the phone

xiaomi miui msa adsAfter you have revoked the permission of the MSA application, you need to restart the Xiaomi smartphone / © NextPit.

With this setting, most of the ads in MIUI should be gone. However, it only removes system advertising that is available in Xiaomi OS. Other ads may remain visible, but there is a workaround for that too.

Disable personalized advertising

After having swept away the worst crap and got rid of the operating system, now it’s your turn to disable personalized advertising on your Xiaomi mobile. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings and tap “Privacy
  2. Privacy Searches after viewing services and then after “Cancel personalized advertising“.
  3. Change the personalized advertising and should disappear in the operating system

xiaomi miui ads custom ads

Customize the Xiaomi! / © NextPit

How to disable ads in “Mi Security” and web browser

As a next step, you should also disable ads in Mi Browser and “Mi Security” app. Unfortunately, this is just advertising from Xiaomi, not advertising on websites. By installing an alternative internet browser, you can of course also hide advertising, if you want to try the Xiaomi browser, just read on.

Disable ads in MIUI Mi Browser:

  1. Open the get marry browser and open profile on the lower right side.
  2. Attacks on the tab profile Go to Settings by selecting the slider in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Advanced” entry.
  4. Disable the “Add ads” option in the advanced settings.

xiaomi miui mi browser ads

How to disable ads embedded in the Xiaomi web browser / © NextPit.

Disable ads in the MIUI Security app

  1. Launch the “MIUI Security” app and go to settings.
  2. Uncheck the optionreceive recommendations.

xiaomi ads miui security

This is how you disable MIUI advertising in the Xiaomi security app. / © NextPit

To disable advertising in Xiaomi Music and Mi Video apps, the process is basically the same as above, with some settings that are only required for Mi Video.

  1. Open the my music app and go top right settings.
  2. Then go to the Advanced settings and disable the option get referrals Y show ads.

xiaomi miui ads mi music

How to disable MIUI advertising in the Xiaomi Mi Music app / © NextPit.

In MIUI 13, however, it is no longer possible to disable the recommendations, since you must refrain from accepting the terms and conditions of the application. Doing this will make My Video unusable.

How to remove ads in the file manager, folders and My Downloads

To block ads in the file and folder manager, even in important downloads, proceed in the same way as in the Mi Browser and Mi Security applications.

To disable ads in the Files app:

  1. Open the Files app and go to settings.
  2. taps information
  3. Disables recommendations (leave consent intact, as doing so will revoke files’ access to your…files).

xiaomi miui ads files

The option to disable recommendations is too hidden for my liking; / © NextPit

How to disable advertising in the download folder:

  1. Open the folder ” downloads“.
  2. touch that Doner Menu (three vertical dots) top right.
  3. choose settings
  4. disable the option Show recommended content for me.

xiaomi miui ad downloads

It’s crazy that Xiaomi hides ads here. / © NextPit

Disable ads in MIUI themes

To disable ads in the MIUI Themes app, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the MIUI Themes app and go to Account.
  2. Searching settings and then disable the recommendation

xiaomi miui ads themes

To get rid of MIUI ads in the Xiaomi Themes app, simply disable the “Recommendations” option / © NextPit.

It is true that disabling ads in MIUI is a bit complicated. However, you can also save yourself some time by looking for alternatives to the Xiaomi apps mentioned in our best Android apps as well as our best free apps list.

How do you feel about ads on MIUI? Do you see this as a deal breaker or a compromise you can accept to save some money? Let us know your experiences with advertising on Xiaomi phones in the comments.

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