Best Stock Trading Apps, Install And Start Your Stock Investment Now

The trend of stock ownership has started to change in recent years due to various conveniences in the process of business transactions. The sophistication of information technology is also affecting the way investors buy stocks. It is not surprising that at present, many ordinary people are gradually becoming literate to conduct online stock buying and selling activities. Of course, however, there must be valid education about what buying and selling stocks is and what the system is like.

Stocks are proof of ownership for a company, therefore the process of buying and selling stocks is the process of buying and selling stock certificates on the stock exchange against a company that has been registered and is open to the public for stock purchases. The evolution of this stock transaction has changed from displaying stocks to electronically based stocks to enable transactions in digital form.

If you are trying your hand right now in the field of buying and selling company shares,  then you must know the online application for buying and selling shares for small and large capital there is currently a trend and has been at registered with the Financial Services Authority.

After knowing which are the most trusted and best online stock trading applications in 2021-2022 and years to come, you will naturally be curious about buying and selling company shares in Indonesia. Below are various online stock trading applications that are open to the public and that we have put together especially for you.

best stock trading apps

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1. Ajaib

The application for the first online stock trading platform is Ajaib. The Ajaib Application is a stocks application by the Ajaib Group, which houses Ajaib Sekuritas and Ajaib Mutual Funds. The advantage of the Magic application is that it provides users with guidelines and recommendations that make it very easy for investors, even novice investors.

In this application, you don’t need to get confused about how to report the sales and acquisition tax on stocks. This is because the rate of tax imposed is 0.1% times the value of the sale transaction and is included in the cost of selling shares. Moreover, in this application, you don’t need to deposit any initial capital at all to open a stock account. The transaction fee for buying and selling shares at Ajaib is also relatively cheap, it is 0.10% for daily transactions under 150 million rupiah and gets lower as your daily transactions get larger.

2. Bibit

For those of you who are newbies and just learning to invest in the gaming stock space, Bibit may be the right choice. Because Bibit offers automatic transaction functions that you don’t have to do manually. In addition, Seeds has also been monitored and registered with the OJK or the Financial Services Authority.
Benefits of seed application

The Bibit application offers various benefits to its users such as:

  • Registration that can be done online
  • Buy free mutual fund investments with no commission fees
  • The investment can be withdrawn at any time without penalty
  • There is a Robo Advisor feature that allows users to choose an investment path based on the income and funds they wish to allocate
  • Investors can adjust asset allocation based on risk profile

3. Indopremier IPOT

Indopremier is a company that buys and sells stocks online. For this reason, Indopremier Indopremier introduces IPOT as a service for buying and selling stocks that is trusted by everyone and easily accessible. This Indopremier IPOT has been equipped with the digitization of the opening of share and mutual fund accounts, so you do not need a paper signature to carry out transactions. It can be said that Indopremier IPOT is one of the pioneers of a trusted online stock transaction company that also offers training facilities and seminars to provide its clients with education and motivation to be active in the world of buying and selling stocks with Indopremier IPOT.

Indopremier IPOT advantages include:

  • Registering an account through the application without face-to-face interview and submission
  • The deposit is filled upon transaction and according to the nominal transaction made
    24-hour customer service through Telegram account makes it easy for everyone to answer complaints
  • Easy to use trading features for beginners
  • Stocks are built into mutual funds and are very easy to transfer and link together
  • Robo trading feature that automatically executes all online instructions to buy and sell stocks in real time

Disadvantages of Indopremier IPOT

The disadvantage of this application is that the fee for conducting stock transactions on Indopremier IPOT is slightly higher than on other securities.

4. Stockbit

Buying and selling company shares is easily possible via an online application. One of them is Stockbit, which originally emerged from the stock investment trading forum or social trading community. You can expand your horizons and network by meeting other trading and stock trading warriors.

Community forums for buying and selling stocks like Stockbit are very necessary and you should actually join them as information about the latest stock transactions can be validly obtained. Stocks are sensitive investment vehicles with news media, invalid analysis and rumors from unknown sources.

All of these things are filtered in Stockbit giving you information and how to buy and sell the right stocks. The data presented in stockbit is valid and easily accessible data. If you do not trust the data provided, you can contact the direct source or related parties. The people at Stockbit have fresh thoughts and are always new, so the presentation of the featured stock buying and selling application is very appealing and easy to use even for a beginner.

Before proceeding to buy and sell stocks with Stockbit, there are a few key features that Stockbit can rely on, including:

The chat forum features members who understand and are struggling with the world of stocks and mutual funds
Comprehensive stock data is easily accessible so you can evaluate yourself about the performance of a company’s stock
A stock transaction feature that is sure to be of interest to all members from novice to professional through the collaboration with Sinarmas Sekuritas

When you use the stock trading feature on Stockbit, you will be connected to Sinarmas Sekuritas as a registered and trusted institution as Stockbit is only a discussion forum for members. So, to open an account with Stockbit, you can do it online and send a copy of the document file to Sinarmas. The process takes more than a week, so you will have to wait to access all stock transaction features through Stockbit.

5. Phillips POEM ID

Although not very popular, Phillips POEMS ID – Shares & Investment Funds Online has a stock trading application that is fairly complete in its features. Phillips POEMS is a securities product issued by Phillips Securities or Phillips Sekuritas that allows investors to play stocks without having to install an application on a laptop.
Benefits of Phillips POEMS

Some of the benefits of Phillips POEMS are:

  • Minimum deposit of IDR 500,000.
  • Many bank accounts like BCA, Mandiri, Permata, Sinarmas and BCA Syariah.
  • There is a choice of Islamic stocks.
  • The fee is lower than other stock buying and selling apps.
  • Contact customer service via Wa number for easier and quicker contact.

Phillips POEMS charges a 0.30% selling fee and a 0.20% buying fee. Some of the excellent features that can be accessed in the application include:

Stock Filter: A display of 3 categories divided into Technical, Fundamental and Candlesticks, helping clients to buy stocks based on these criteria.
Cooperation with the Capital Market School
Training was conducted by Phillips POEMS to educate and motivate stock players.

In the Phillips POEMS application, you get the Smartplan feature that allows clients to regularly buy shares based on pre-established criteria. This feature gives you information about buying stocks when the price falls by a set percentage and according to a set schedule, even though the price doesn’t meet the original target.

Disadvantages of Phillips POEMS

A disadvantage of this application is the slightly higher purchase fee than with other securities.