Best Galaxy S22 Cases: From Folio to Gadget Case

Launched alongside the larger Samsung Galaxy S22+ and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G brings some new features to the S range. There are some special features that you can enhance or make even more practical with the right cover. Let’s see our overview with the best models first!

The new glass back of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G makes investing in a case particularly important. However, the phone has shrunk compared to its predecessor, so you will no longer be able to use the old Samsung cases. Due to the relatively small 3700 mAh battery, we also recommend buying a case with a built-in power bank.


Buying tips: What should you pay attention to when buying a case?

Do I need a case for the Galaxy S22?

In my review of the Samsung Galaxy S22, I praised the device for its design and materials, as Samsung uses glass instead of a plastic back and puts it in an aluminum frame. Still, I was able to spot design flaws: The shape of the camera island makes the device wobble when it’s flat on a table. And the frame edges are sharp enough to feel uncomfortable.

However, the fact that the back of the Galaxy S22 is made of glass increases the risk of the smartphone being damaged in the event of a fall. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in a protective case for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 for both tactile and security reasons.

Which material is correct?

Choosing the right material is of course number one on our agenda. Ideally, you should go for a case that contains a mix of different materials for different parts. Soft rubber or silicone materials are better at absorbing shock in a fall. However, harder plastics are better for your back as they are more scratch resistant and feel more robust. Stiffer materials also provide better support for other case features, such as built-in kickstands, card slots, and magnetic mounts.

Regardless of the design you choose, you should always make sure that there is a protrusion that protects the mobile phone screen in the front or the camera island in the back from scratches.

What are your needs?

If you’re an urbanite who spends more time in cafes than in nature, then a stylish bag with a map holder or strap might be the best solution for you. But if you’re constantly on construction sites or in the woods with the S22, you should go for a rugged case. In any case, there is a special need for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G because the device has a smaller battery. The powerful display and the power-hungry Exynos 2200 aren’t much help here. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in a battery box.

The best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22

Best All-Around Protection: Spigen Tough Armor Case

Amazon Spigen Rugged Armor S22 16x9 Case
The Spigen case has a handy kickstand / © Amazon Store / Spigen

The Spigen Tough Armor is a favorite on our phone case leaderboards across many devices. The manufacturer manages to take the top spot with three different layers of material, including softer TPU and stiffer plastic. The design is certified to military standard MIL-STD 810G-516.6 with Air Cushion technology to protect against impacts. The case also comes with a handy kickstand and three different color schemes and is usually available at a very competitive discounted price of around $20.

Best Samsung Case: Samsung S-View Flip Cover

samsung galaxy s22 s view flip cover 16x9
You can answer calls without opening the case! / ©Samsung

Samsung cases are quite high priced but offer the best look for your device. With this pick, I opted for a case that has a completely flat back to solve the Samsung Galaxy S22 wobble issues. However, the main feature of this leather case is that as a flip cover it offers a cutout through which you can see the screen underneath. You can touch the device to answer or reject calls without opening it. The bag also offers space for some cards or a bit of cash. Samsung also claims that the case has an antimicrobial coating. Great in post-pandemic times!

Best Clear Case: Torra’s Diamond Clear Series

amazon torras transparent case s22 case 16x9
The manufacturer claims that the case is resistant to yellowing. / © Amazonas / Torras

The Torras Diamond Clear Case offers everything you would expect from a clear case. In addition to the 1.5mm-thick bump for the display and 1.3mm-thick lips for the cameras, it features anti-yellowing technology that the manufacturer says helps keep the case uncluttered. Furthermore, the manufacturer confirms that the case is compatible with wireless charging and offers a 180-day warranty.

Best Battery Case: Tech-Protect Powercase

Samsung Tech Protect Case
This is what your Galaxy S22 case looks like! / © Technological protection

Unfortunately, there are hardly any battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 in Germany. Basically, there is currently only one model that can be found online that you can order with immediate availability in this country. The Tech-Protect Power Case is designed for the S22 and extends your cell phone’s battery capacity by 4,700 milliamp hours. A battery charge indicator is also handy, so you never leave home with an empty battery box.

Whether the case restricts the NFC capability and wireless charging of your smartphone can not be read in the description in the “MeinTrendyHandy” online store.

Best Card Holder: Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1

amazon smartish wallet s22 16x9 case
The design is really unique! / © Amazon / Smart

The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1 is exactly what its name suggests: a wallet killer. With a built-in spring that keeps up to three cards safe in the case, it could make your wallet obsolete. You may need something else to transport money, but you get my point. The design not only looks good, but also features grooves to allow your fingers to grip the device more comfortably, while also enabling wireless charging. But please take out your cards first!

Note: Smartish only sells this case in Germany through its own online shop. However, in the terms and conditions, the manufacturer confirms that the products can also be shipped to Germany.

Another must-have accessory for the Galaxy S22

When it comes to other accessories for the Galaxy S22, there are two things that cannot be overlooked. On the one hand there is the charger, which is no longer included in the scope of supply. The Galaxy S22 can be charged at up to 25W, so you should choose a charger that can at least provide this power. You can find some recommendations in our article on the best chargers for the S22 series.

Also, you should invest in a wireless charger. While not as fast as wired charging, 15W Qi charging will eventually fill up the battery too.

Finally, I recommend that you buy a screen protector. Although the S22 is equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass Victus+, you can never go wrong with an extra layer of protection. Just make sure you choose a screen protector that won’t interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

It is clear that this list does not cover the large number of cases that exist on the market. But hopefully, it will at least serve as a good starting point for finding the perfect case for your phone.

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