5 Best Apps to Manage Your Personal Loans

Managing the status and evolution of our personal loans through an app for mobile devices is a new way to prevent debt, overspend, or stray from budget. The revolution in computer systems has enabled the gradual automation of some of the tasks as important as document organization and control of our accounts (such as mortgages, bank transfers or cash advances). However, what are the best financial management apps related to so-called fast loans? Let’s take a look at some of the options the market has to offer.

best apps to manage personal loans

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Best Apps to Manage Your Personal Loans

1.Bill Tracker

This application allows you to manage all of our personal loans in a simple and intuitive way, maintaining complete control over your monthly payments. In addition, the app can track the best credit and interest options, sort payments by importance and even accept payments, disbursements or payment records. This is a tool that updates very often within seconds and works without the need to be connected to the Internet, so your loan will be controlled wherever and whenever you want. All in all, it is one of the best mobile finance apps we can find.

2. money

Ideal for controlling all types of personal loans and their corresponding payments. Its popularity (and new cross-platform features) has earned it a place among those looking to track their investments, which include various loan and mortgage payments, on a weekly basis. Among the ‘Money’ options, there is the possibility to create alert notes, plan a budget, create a complete report on the status of our debt and calculate all kinds of options for expiry of payments. This app is exclusive to iOS and Mac OS X.

3. Easy Borrowing of MDB Software

A simple but powerful deduction tool that can be used to calculate all loan installments requested from any entity, in addition to estimating the interest and percentage for payments of one year or more. Do you want to know all the details of your personal loan based on different variables? This application created by MDB Softwares can be used as a consultant, a tool to outline capital or monthly payments, amortization schedule, required amount, lifetime annuity, interest rate or term to obtain a loan. .

In addition, it has an interesting helper software with which you can estimate all the installments of the coming months (even if the interest varies), and instantly find out how your loan can be based on your economic situation.

4. Click Credit

It is easy to use and highly recommended for people with little computer knowledge, as the interface (based on Excel functions) is simple and very intuitive. Credit-Click is a well-known personal loan management software compatible with Android that facilitates all the necessary tasks so as not to lose details about the progress of your credit payments. Easy, simple and intuitive tool.

5. Bookkeep

Bookeep is a practical application supervised by the renowned economics school “Academy of Finance”, (which more than 17,000 students have passed) with many options for managing personal loans and which also has an economics registration system that actively details the income and credit level of the whole family. The best thing, aside from quality and ease of use, is that it’s free for iOS.

These are just some of the most interesting apps we found for managing our personal loans. Do you know of any other valuable things you would like to share with us?