Best App to Change Wa Message RingTone to Say Contact Name

Many are wondering: “Sister, how do you change WhatsApp ringtone to say the name of the message sender?”

As we know, WhatsApp (WA) is a worldwide popular chat application that allows users to send messages and documents, make voice and video calls and exchange information. Currently, quite a few WA users are looking for unique, funny and unmarketed ringtones as call tones or notification tones.

It’s actually easy, it’s not complicated as long as you know how. So friends, we can change WhatsApp ringtone for free.

With the help of additional applications, you can easily change WhatsApp ringtone to mention the name of the message sender on WhatsApp.

For those of you who like really unique and off the market ringtones, you can use this simple tutorial to create the following WA ringtones mentioning the following names. Please see all details at the following parapgraph:

How to Change WhatsApp Ringtone to Mention the Name of the Message Sender

Here are some ways you can change WhatsApp ringtone to mention the name of the message sender.

How to make a WA ringtone saying the sender’s name is:

  • Install the Notification Reader: Shouter application from the Play Store
  • Open the already installed Shouter app
  • Select Allow if the app requests access to notifications
  • In this case, go to the notification settings and select Enable.
  • In the Select App menu, please select WhatsApp to create a ringtone with the sender’s name
  • To set the words, please go to the Customize menu of your voice notification message.
  • If yes, please save the settings to apply the changes
  • Done, from now on the sender’s name will be called out when a wa message arrives

How to change WhatsApp ringtone to mention message sender’s name. How do you react after knowing this method? Easy, isn’t it?

You can download the application for free by clicking the download button below. So what are you waiting for, download now!