Animal Crossing wedding season: Max out love crystals

Wedding season starts again in Animal Crossing in 2022. This is how you get all the rewards.

Wedding season starts again in Animal Crossing in 2022. This is how you get all the rewards.

Also in June 2022, love is in the air in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Because with the beginning of the month there is also a new event that celebrates the wedding season. This way you can make the most of June 2022. You can read more about the new items that have been available for the event since 2021 here:

Wedding season 2022 started and get all the items now

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How long does the event run?

The wedding season you can from June 1 to June 30 202play 2 It is worth playing every day. You can always collect new furniture and love crystals to eventually have the full set.

Until when is it worth starting the event? The first six days of the event are the most important so as not to miss a single piece of furniture. If you complete the event from June 24 to the end of June, you will still get all the rewards, and you can even collect additional Love Crystals again on June 30.

Use your love crystals early enough: You will receive Love Crystals every day through Wedding Photos. You can redeem them with Björn and order up to five items a day. So don’t wait until the last day use your love crystals regularly.

This is how the event starts

Download latest update: In April 2022 there was a new update that you need to download in order to start the wedding season also in 2022. Also, all time travelers have to turn on the time synchronization with the Internet once, since the event will only be activated on June 1 around 5 am in the morning. Then, as the new day begins, Melinda will greet you with a new announcement from the island announcing the wedding season.

Download latest updateNote: For the 2022 version of the event to work, you must download the latest update. Then, as you head into June 1, Melinda will welcome you with a new announcement on the island heralding wedding season.

After that, you will also receive a call on your NookPhone from Harvey, who asks you to go to his island as soon as possible because he has clients and needs your help.

So you don't miss out on the event, Melinda mentions it in her morning announcement.

So you don’t miss out on the event, Melinda mentions it in her morning announcement.

How to get to Harvey Island: Go to your airport and select “I want to fly”. Then you say you want to travel to Harvey’s Island. You are already sitting in the Dodo plane on the way to Fotopia, where the dog Harvey and the alpaca couple Rosina and Björn are already waiting for you.

This is how the event starts from the 2nd day: On the first day, the event will start automatically when you land on Harvey’s Island. After that, you have to talk to Harvey every day. He will then take you to Björn and Rosina, who will then give you another request for their next wedding photo.

Decorate perfectly for maximum love crystals.

The axis of the entire event are the two alpacas. Rosina and Björn want to relive their wedding and have booked Harvey’s photo studio for the whole month. Every day they want to recreate a different memory of their special day. With each new label, you have more decorative elements available in different colors.

Rosina asks you about this theme and these colors:

  • Day 1: Wedding ceremony
  • Day 2: Wedding celebration
  • Day 3: Wedding ceremony
  • Day 4: Wedding Celebration
  • Day 5: Wedding ceremony
  • Day 6: wedding party
  • Day 7: With class
  • Day 8: Garden
  • Day 9: Cute

from day 10 the colors are always repeated in the same order until the end of the event.

This is how you find and place items.: In the beginning, aside from wallpaper, carpet, and flooring, you only have two other items at your disposal: the wedding bench and the wedding wall decoration. You can find them through the designer view in the warehouse in the “Event” menu item. Then just select the elements and place them where you want.

As you place items, you can find everything you need in the Events tab.

As you place items, you can find everything you need in the Events tab.

Do the items have to be placed in a special way? no. The most important thing is that you place the furniture in the desired colors of Rosina. To get the most love crystals, you need to make sure you have set up at least twelve items. This number increases to about 25 by day 7.

The location of the items does not matter at all, the main thing is that they are in the room. If you don’t want to bother every day, you can simply set the same item to the correct color 25 times and get maximum Love Crystals. Once you have everything you can take a photo.

Does the image have to be specially designed? You don’t just have to take any photo. It doesn’t matter if your figure, Björn, Rosina or the whole room is on it. Filters and frames also make no difference when it comes to reward. The main thing is that there are enough items in the room. Once you have taken the photo, you have to talk to Rosina and she will rate the photo you Finally Have done.

In the end, it doesn't matter what your image looks like.  You just have to have a lot placed in the right layout.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what your image looks like. You just have to have a lot placed in the right layout.

How many love crystals can you get?: At the beginning of the event, not only the decoration options are limited, but also the number of Love Crystals you can get. In the first days you get a maximum of eleven crystals. As soon as you have more and more decorations and Rosina also asks you about the different color palettes of the items, you can get a maximum of 15 crystals in a day.

This is how you change the colors of the items.: As soon as Rosina requests other colors, she must also comply with this request. To do this, press the X button while selecting the element in the designer view. You can now choose one of three designs: cute, noble or garden.

You have to repeat this step for each item you want to place. You can also rearrange decorations that have already been placed by hovering over them and then pressing the X button.

You can get this piece of furniture.

So that your efforts are not completely in vain, Rosina and Björn will give you various rewards. In addition to the love crystals described above, you will also receive a free piece of furniture from the wedding set for a photo sent before the sixth day.

For this you need love crystals.: With Björn you can exchange the love crystals again for all the elements of the wedding set. The more often you do the event, the more items it has on sale. There are a total of 29 different decorations, clothes and more, which are also available in different colors. Items cost a total of between three and 20 love crystals each.

Björn brings you new items for love crystals every day.

Björn brings you new items for love crystals every day.

Can elements be redesigned? Yes. All items that you can recraft on Harvey’s Island, you can easily trade on your island at a workbench. Almost all decoration elements have “Cute”, “Classy” and “Garden” designs.

These furniture, wallpaper, flooring, rugs, and clothing are there.:

  • Wedding Bank (Day 1 Reward)
  • wedding wall decor
  • Wedding Table (Day 2 Reward)
  • wedding chair
  • Wedding flower stand (reward on day 3)
  • wedding candle set
  • Wedding Banquet Table (Reward on Day 4)
  • wedding cake
  • Bridal Organ (Day 5 Reward)
  • Wedding Gate (Day 6 Reward)
  • wedding sign
  • Photo of Rosina and Björn (reward on day 6)
  • white wedding wallpaper
  • brown wedding wallpaper
  • green wedding wallpaper
  • wedding party wallpaper
  • white wedding floor
  • brown wedding floor
  • green wedding floor
  • blue wedding carpet
  • wedding red carpet
  • white wedding carpet
  • wedding dress
  • wedding tuxedo
  • Pair of wedding pumps
  • pair of wedding shoes
  • Veil
  • wedding staff
  • wedding lace

That’s why it’s worth playing every day.

The event itself, of course, will not differ too much in terms of gameplay from day to day. But you always get something new, and ultimately you can collect special furniture from a limited set. With 29 items to unlock over time, the game forces you to participate in the event throughout the month.

collectible items: It is also worth collecting as many love crystals as possible. Because the more duplicate items you have from the wedding set, the more likely it is that you can trade them with other players as rare decorative items later in the year. Since not all players participate in the event now or others buy the game later, the items could become special collectibles that have a high trade value.

More articles during the 2022 wedding season

garments at the tailor sisters

You should pay an urgent visit to Tina and Sina. The tailor sisters now offer three seasonal garments for the wedding season. these are one wedding bonneta Shiromoku Y White Crested Hakama.

seasonal items

In June 2022 there will be new items on the Nook shopping portal especially for the wedding season. You can buy them from the service center vending machines or on the NookPhone app. This includes the following items:

  • basket of petals
  • Wedding bell (three variations)
  • Wedding ring pillow (three variations)
  • Wedding door sign (three variations)

Items with variations change color daily. So if you need another color combination, you should look to the next day or travel back in time.

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