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The Animal Crossing Fishing Tournament takes place on the second Saturday of every three months.

The Animal Crossing Fishing Tournament takes place on the second Saturday of every three months.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can look forward to a fishing tournament every three months. These are the dates and rewards that await you in 2022.

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All dates for fishing tournament 2022

Tournaments have been announced in recent days via message from Melinda on your bulletin board.

Upcoming fishing tournaments will be announced on the bulletin board.

Upcoming fishing tournaments will be announced on the bulletin board.

In 2022, fishing tournaments will also be held quarterly in each season on the second Saturday of each month:

  • Winter tournament: 08 January 2022
  • Spring Tournament: 09 April 2022
  • Summer tournament: 09 July 2022 (current date)
  • Autumn Tournament: 08 October 2022
  • Winter Tournament: January 14, 2023

How long does the tournament last? From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. you can talk to the beaver Lomeus in your square, where he has also set up a suitable tent. From there you start the tournament. On that day, Melinda will draw your attention to the tournament during the morning island announcement. You can still redeem points until 8pm and the freezer stays in your plaza until 5am to take out the last fish you caught.

Special features for KK: Since Lomeus runs the tournament on Saturday, there’s no more room for the KK Slider dog in the square if you’ve unlocked it. From 6pm on a Sunday you can express the desired song to him as usual. shows you which ones are available here:

Animal Crossing New Horizons: All KK songs at a glance

This is how tournaments work

Talk to Lomeus: To start each round of the tournament, you need to talk to the beaver. The first spin is free and from then on you have to pay 500 Sternis each time.

This is how you avoid participation fees: If you have one or more visitors on the island, then you do not have to pay 500 Sternis. Keep in mind that the lap timeout continues if someone arrives or departs in the meantime.

This is what the timer at the top of the screen looks like during a tournament.

This is what the timer at the top of the screen looks like during a tournament.

one round way: After you start the round, a timer will appear on your screen. From now on you have three minutes to catch as many fish as possible. Time also keeps running on the loading screen and in the menu. Therefore, stay on your island if possible and walk along the beaches and rivers. After the round is complete, you must return to Lomeus to collect points.

This is how points are calculated: You get one point for every fish you catch. Of the three sea creatures there is a one-time bonus of two points. Each additional catch earns you more points. You will get about 5 to 8 points per spin. We’ll tell you how to maximize your points later in this article.

Buy profit fish: On the relevant Saturday, Lomeus also allows you to sell any fish you catch during or outside the tournament for one and a half times the normal price. Just talk to him and he will gladly buy fish from you. You can read more about Lomeus himself here:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Get more out of fish with Lomeus

All Prizes & Prizes

For participating in tournaments, you will receive special items as prizes, all of which relate to fish. You can only get this gift during the event. You need a total of 130 points to get all the prizes, but there are trophies too. For this you need a total of 300 points, which is why you will get at least two to three times the remaining reward for the gold trophy.

Below is a list of all the prizes:

  • fishing suit
  • fishing bag
  • fishing rod holder
  • anchor statue
  • water wallpapers
  • dried fish
  • Print Fish Contacts
  • Small Fish Pouch
  • fish screen
  • fish stick
  • fish carpet
  • fish door sign
  • cooler
  • Bronze Fishing Trophy (with 100 points)
  • Silver Fishing Trophy (with 200 points)
  • Gold Fishing Trophy (with 300 points)

You get this reward in the Fishing Tournament.

You get this reward in the Fishing Tournament.

No item twice at start: Until you have received all gifts at least once, you will not receive twice. That’s why you can collect 130 points without hesitation and only then will Lomeus give you double items.

The same prizes as the last tournament: Even if the price does not change, it is still worth participating in the tournament. Because every season has its own Nook miles achievement. As soon as you complete the first free spin of the tournament, you will be credited with a new title and 300 Nook Miles. So if you want to complete your stamp collection, you must enter at least one tournament round.

Tips for more points in the tournament

Using Bait: To get the fastest fish, you have to use bait. You can make one on your desk with a carpet shell that you can dig at the beach with a shovel. You use bait by the sea or river and the fish automatically appear. You can fish this right away and cast the next bait again without moving far. General tips for catching fish can be found here:

Fishing at Animal Crossing New Horizons: Fishing Tips

Take advantage of the cooperation bonus: You get the strongest points increase if you participate in tournaments with other players. There are the following bonuses per spin, which result from how many fish you catch together:

  • between 5 to 9 fish: 5 points cooperation
  • between 10 to 14 fish: 7 points of cooperation
  • of 15 fish: 10 cooperation points

The cooperation bonus is added to your normal points and your individual bonus for three or more fish caught. This is the easiest and fastest way to get 300 points for gold trophy.

Familiarize yourself with what fish to play with: Every month there is a certain selection of fish that are in the game and you also have to pay attention to the time, because not every sea creature is always found.

Since the tournament runs from morning to 6pm, sharks, for example, are completely eliminated for the tournament. All the fish can be found in the full list here on GamePro:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - All Fish For +amp;  Location (July Update)

Stock your inventory with fishing rods: The most important tool in fishing is the rod, which like most tools has a certain durability. So that you don’t waste your short time in the loop getting new rods, you’ll need to tinker with some beforehand and then swap them out if one breaks.

Are you going to participate in a fishing tournament, or have you already bagged all the prizes for the first time?