All 27 memories and where to find them

With memories you can dig deeper into the world of Stray.

With memories you can dig deeper into the world of Stray.

Stray’s enchanting world doesn’t say much about its backdrop. Where do people go? Why are robots so interested in art? What exactly is Zurk? If any of these questions interest you, you should help your friend B-12 fill in the blanks on his hard drive, which shouldn’t be an obstacle for you with our guide.

You will automatically receive the first reminder before you even reach the slums. You get four more the same way and don’t risk losing them. With the remaining 22 different things.

Slums (7 memories)

You enter the slums several times in the game. So if you missed something on your first visit, you can collect the rest later. However, once you complete the Doc quest, there is no turning back.

1. Roof in the market

Opposite the dealer you have to go up to the roof. There are several ways to do this. The memory of the robot is hidden behind the arrows.

2. Dealers

You can purchase reminders for three energy drinks. Unfortunately, each vending machine only gives you one can. Luckily, Eleen has already started looking for you:

Stray: This is how you find all the energy drinks and vending machines

3. bar

Go left at the bar and up the stairs. At the end of the step, you should be able to see the reminder on the right.

4. Momo’s Apartment

You meet Momo in the story. The memories were right behind him in his bedroom on the wall across from the bed.

5. Next to the vending machine

If you followed Eleen’s guide to the vending machine, you should have seen this memory by now. Otherwise, walk down the street from Kosma’s Laundry to the end.

6. Morusque

Take a closer look at the trash can to the left of the musician. If you jump here, you’ll reach memory-inducing graffiti. Also talk to Morusque calmly. He looks for his sheet music, which you can find with the help of our sheet music guide:

Stray - All 8 sheet music and their locations

7. Elliot’s Apartment

If you take the stairs to the second floor, then immediately turn left at the end. You can barely miss the green light.

Roof (2 memories)

You can only enter the roof once in the story.

8. At the red mark

After passing two groups of Zurks, you will meet another group. After that you can enter the roof on the right side. Then turn right and you will see a red sign with a reminder.

9. Skyscrapers

On the second floor of a skyscraper you will pass a group of imprisoned Zurgs. Before you release him from his cage, follow the path (pictured right) and collect his memories.

Dead End (3 Memories)

Again, you’ll have to collect all the memories in real time, otherwise you’ll have to redo the chapter. After that you have the last chance to find all the memories in the slums.

10. In the garage

After separating from Seamus, follow the path for a while and turn left at the first opportunity. Walk past the delivery truck straight to the big garage door. The memory is ahead.

11. By the river

At one point you run away from some zurks and then fall into the abyss. Follow the path and climb up the pipe. Then go straight and through the hole in the fence. On the right you can see the remains of a fisherman with lingering memories.

12. Safe House Doc

In the unique scientist’s room, you will find dolls. Maybe a self-made friend against loneliness. A memory sticks with this one.

Channel (2 Memories)

You know the drill: again only one chance to collect.

13. Zurk Eggs

After breaking up with Momo, you’ll reach a bright room with a broken robot. A little further you can turn left and stand in front of some Zurk eggs. Sprint through it and into the drain pipe on the left. Follow the pipe and you will reach a fence with a memory.

14. In the Stomach of the Beast

After escaping Zurk, you’ll land in a pipe. Turn around and jump into the second, smaller pipe and follow the path. He takes you into a room with memories and some annoying bystanders.

Ant Village (1 memory)

Not much to be found in the village. and you almost automatically skip memory. However, the B-12 will initially refuse to interact with objects and people. Talk to Zbaltazar first to collect the memory.

15. Next to the sofa

Climb the ladder at the beginning and cross the bunk bed with the two robots. You’ll see the couch on the right and the reminder message directly on the right.

Downtown (6 Memories)

You have to be careful in the city center. You can only reach memory 20 after you go to the factory. The Memory 21 is only available during your short stay at the club, which you shouldn’t visit until you’ve pocketed the rest of the collection. After that it is no longer possible.

16. Reading Corner

When exiting the subway, look to the right at the end of the escalator. The light cannot be underestimated.

17. Albert’s backyard

Robots with odd tastes in hats work behind the club. Climb up to the yellow sign with the beer bottle and retrieve the memory from the makeshift bed.

18. Hair Salon

Climb through the window at the hairdresser and over the yellow board to the mezzanine. There is memory.

19. Restaurant

Jump into the small partition between the table and the kitchen. From here you reach another mezzanine with memory.

20. Guard Station (After Factory)

After you go to the factory, the guard station next to the hologram will open. Reminders are on the back of the bulletin board.

21. Club

Go to the bar and take the small elevator at the back counter. He’ll take you to camp with those memories.


Here you collect the last optional memory. Another automatic will come later. So don’t be surprised if you haven’t got the trophy.

22. Between the Guards

When you’re with Clementine, you have to lock the guard. Then he opens the next gate and you can collect the memory of the robot on the right.

What do you think of these memorable little stories? Did you find them all right away?